How Agiloft puts the power of AI into your hands

Read on for highlights from our recent webinar to learn how Agiloft is putting the power of AI into your hands.

Your contracts are filled with essential data, including parties, deadlines, obligations, and more. But this data can only be fully tapped into if you have an easy way to surface, organize, and search it.  

Artificial intelligence has been touted as THE solution to this problem, but generic AI models are typically insufficient, as they often can’t detect the key terms and clauses uniquely valuable to your organization.  

That’s why Agiloft dedicated its 2023 Summer Release to empower non-technical users to fully customize their AI platforms – no coding needed.  

Read on for some highlights from our recent Summer Release webinar to learn more about how Agiloft is putting the power of AI into your hands.

Unlocking the power of contract data with our AI platform

Agiloft’s AI platform consists of a suite of powerful features that enable you to cut down on tedious, manual tasks and unlock the critical business intelligence trapped inside your contract data. 

“Our vision at Agiloft is to build connected, intelligent, and autonomous contracting processes that are going to enable you, our customers, to unlock the value of contract data and to ultimately help accelerate your business,” Andy Wishart, Agiloft’s Chief Product Officer, said in the webinar. 

Kickstart your journey to intelligent and optimized contracting with the following features: 

AI Trainer

Flex and customize AI models to wrap around your unique contracts and the metadata most essential to you. With our AI model customization workbench, you can design AI models that detect the key terms and clauses most important to your organization, plus adapt your models over time to mirror your evolving business needs. 

“You don’t have to be a technical expert. You don’t have to be a data scientist to use AI Trainer.” said Jamie Krumrich, Agiloft’s Director of Product Management. “What you do need to know is contracts — something I’m fairly confident everyone on this call is quite fluent in.”

Legacy Import

Rapidly ingest historical documents and extract key metadata with our intuitive legacy import tool. Quickly enrich your contract records and centralize your document storage, in turn enabling you to easily search, track, and analyze your contract portfolio.   

Third Party Contract Review

Reduce the time and cost of closing contracts written on third party paper by quickly detecting the presence of key terms and clauses. Have greater confidence that you’re not overlooking risky language by relying solely on manual review of dense contracts.

Boosting your search capabilities with ConvoAI

Separate from our AI Platform, our natural language search tool, ConvoAI, enables users across your organization to quickly locate the documents and details they need. Search within your documents using our natural language search tool ConvoAI, powered by Cognizer’s Genius Platform. Quickly locate the documents and details you need by typing your questions and follow-ups, as opposed to worrying about keywords and filters.

Improving integrations and user experience

In addition to the suite of AI features included in this release, there are also a host of other enhancements designed to help you utilize Agiloft to its fullest.

UI/UX enhancements

Experience faster, simpler workflows thanks to a suite of UX/UI upgrades, like improved File field usability, additional permissions for saved searches, or the capability to easily nest workflows within other workflows. 

Integration enhancements

Work more effectively and efficiently in your favorite applications using Agiloft’s direct integration capabilities. The Summer Release integration enhancements include: 

  • Updates to Agiloft’s Contract Assistant for Word – Experience the convenience of being able to insert parent clauses into a child contract and flow data to multiple Contracts tables. 
  • Power BI Connector – Achieve greater visibility into your contract portfolio by flowing contract data into Power BI for up-to-date dashboards and analysis. 
  • Agiloft for Gmail – Save time by easily adding information from emails to existing records in Agiloft or, conversely, sending attachments from Agiloft in outgoing emails.

To learn more about these exciting new features, watch a recording of our full webinar here.

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