Three years ago, the busy civil servants of King County upgraded their enterprise solution to a new version. Unfortunately, this simple act resulted in six weeks of system failure during their busiest season. In 2017, King County switched to Agiloft and happily reported zero downtime since then.

With Agiloft’s Hosted Service, customers have two options: a hybrid Cologix/AWS hosting solution or an AWS-only hosting solution. Either way you go, you get the best uptime in the business. A number of critical elements ensure this high standard of reliability, including the use of quality components, ongoing testing, SSL encryption, and around-the-clock infrastructure support — without placing any limits on traffic or bandwidth.

One of the most important features of the Cologix/AWS hosting is double redundancy. Agiloft has gone bicoastal with our Hosted Service to ensure unfaltering backups for outage support. Master servers at Cologix in Silicon Valley are replicated in real-time to other Cologix servers and secondary servers at AWS in Virginia. The truth is, no one ever gets tired of hearing that their data is secure, complete and fully accessible in multiple locations.

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