Standing with the victims of violence and abuse is a formidable and noble undertaking. For over 35 years Safe Horizon has advocated on behalf of these marginalized children and adults—becoming the largest US non-profit of its kind. When it comes to matters of safety and justice, every minute counts. So, the last thing the heroic team at Safe Horizon needed was to be buried under a confusing mess of paperwork generated by an antiquated manual system for managing contracts and invoices.

In 2017, Agiloft stepped in, offering a dynamic contract management platform with fully customized elements to automate this essential process. Safe Horizon Application Developer Harvey Minot shares, “It is one of the most modifiable systems out there. You can go in with confidence that you will get a very functional, high-level implementation.”

Every business faces the challenge of balancing streamlined workflows with thorough checkpoints. Often, the systems to support these evolve organically and they get the job done, at least for a time. Then, as with Safe Horizon, that which was meant to help becomes a hindrance to progress, even success.

Non-profits face intensified scrutiny with regard to their processes; anything that takes attention away from those they serve is seen as a direct impediment to the organization’s mission. This is where Agiloft comes in, with potent and persuasive solutions that incorporate universal needs in document and contract management while adapting to the unique requirements of each customer. Minot explains, “If not for the flexibility of the system, the continual maintenance would have taken a ton of code. It proves the resiliency and power of the system that we were able to do that. Every outlandish request by my users has been accommodated by Agiloft.”

Safe Horizon boldly envisions a world where victims can move from crisis to confidence. Agiloft aims to ensure that no system or process holds them back.

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