You bought it, they lost it. This newest catch phrase refers to the surprising number of local government agencies who have misplaced high-dollar assets. While some point to corruption as the cause of a $3M piece of missing equipment in Connecticut and $745k lost in Alabama, the more likely culprit is: poor asset management.

The team at Chester County Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Services (CCDES) faces this precise problem. They manage all of the communication technology and equipment for fire, police, and EMS services including radios, mobile data systems, computers, and phones. In addition to keeping tabs on all the equipment, they maintain each one and oversee the repairs process. This repairs process included multiple parties from the initial user to the vendor assigned to the fix to various CCDES team members. For each step, a participant would manually document their task and then another team member would transfer information into a database when time allowed. The potential for human error was high—making it impossible to maintain accuracy and accountability.

Chester County CCDES recognized that they needed a system to automate their repair tracking, asset management, and other processes. They took their time and selected a top-of-the-line, top-dollar solution. Unfortunately, they soon realized that the functionality was limited and inadequate to their needs. Then, they found Agiloft.

Agiloft was able to capture the county’s most critical tasks as part of the pre-sales proof-of-concept, showing them the real benefit of the right solution. Once the Agiloft system was deployed, response times dropped 30%, staff satisfaction improved, and billing speed and accuracy increased—resulting in a better financial report card for the department.

“Our eyes have been opened and some of the things we dreamed about years ago have been realized,” CCDES Assistant Deputy Director Steve Watson said. “Things they used to say were too difficult, we can now achieve.”

With their Agiloft system in place, it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing Chester County CCDES in any new headlines featuring lost equipment. Instead, they are setting the standard for other government agencies on process management, transparency, and cost savings. Read Chester County’s full story here.

Are your operations hindered by bottlenecks and needless repetition? Agiloft’s configurable, no-code platform can automate any government process to ensure a new level of efficiency for your entire organization.