Agiloft engineers have been hard at work creating fresh functionality for the Agiloft platform, and after several months the fall release is here. We are excited to introduce new features to enable greater efficiency and customization to an adaptable platform that scales to fit your most challenging business processes.

Below are some of the highlights of the new release:

Agiloft platform updates

Dashboards Redesign

The Dashboard of the Power User Interface – previously called the Home Page – has been redesigned with significant new enhancements including tile-based layouts, color-coded numerical widgets, and dashboard filters. Power users can now create responsive tile-based widgets that show a quick view of record progress and saved searches related to the user. The layout editor for dashboards has also been improved with a responsive interface that automatically resizes when widgets are rearranged.

For a more in-depth analysis, widgets can directly open table views, expand charts, and filter record information in real time. The new Dashboard provides immediate access to the most vital user-configured information, including charts, reports, widgets, and configurable hotlinks that provide immediate create or view access to records in any table or saved search.

JavaScript rendering for graphical charts

Graphical charts can now use JavaScript rendering that dynamically resizes to fit your screen size and allows interactive data refinements such as selecting/deselecting X-axis data. Charts provide a more responsive display of data for user Dashboards and enable efficient high-level analysis of actionable data. To enable JavaScript charts on the dashboard, there is a new option in the chart setup and also a new global variable “Always use JavaScript Charts”, which forces all charts to be rendered in the new format when being displayed on the dashboard.

Multi-level drill down capability for charts

For creating JavaScript charts, a new Drill Down tab has been added to the chart wizard that allows users to create drill-down layers from the chart fields, so when a user clicks a section of the chart they will immediately open a new chart with details about that section. Multiple drill-downs can be added to a single chart, and they will be drilled down in the order they are listed in the Manage drill-downs section.

New keyboard shortcuts with personalization options

Keyboard shortcuts in Agiloft have been greatly improved, with a set of useful default key combinations, new setup options, and expanded areas of functionality within the system. Shortcuts allow power users to navigate through the Agiloft interface and perform labor-intensive tasks much more quickly, and with new user-configured shortcut options, power users can personalize the platform to further aid productivity.

Responsive layout for the End User Interface

A new responsive EUI layout automatically adapts to fit changing screen sizes, including mobile devices and tablets. This greatly improves the end user experience when using Agiloft on the move or outside regular business hours.

Contract management enhancements

Ability to convert PDF to MS Word

A new document conversion option has been added to convert PDFs to Microsoft Word documents. Previously, this action only converted MS Word to PDF documents, and the conversion action selection menu now allows you to choose PDF to Word. This allows you to take files that were previously PDFs and edit and redline them as Word files directly within Agiloft.

Ephesoft integration for intelligent Optical Character Recognition

Agiloft now integrates with Ephesoft to provide customizable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to PDF documents. Users are able to create their own document classifications that recognize document types and other metadata and create confidence scores for PDF text which can then be extracted into Word documents and record form data.

New integrations and improvements

Improved Salesforce integration

Our Salesforce integration now includes the option to create an action button in the Salesforce Developer Console that initiates a sync between Agiloft and Salesforce.

Improved Adobe Sign integration

Our Adobe Sign integration now includes the ability to use envelopes purchased directly through your own Adobe account. You can configure your solution to use the envelope purchasing approach that suits your business and change the setup at any time.

Improved DocuSign integration

The DocuSign integration was improved in several ways, including the option to assign a single company DocuSign account for multiple users in a system, as well as configuration options for reminder emails and expirations. You can also now use the DocuSign “Decline” button inside print templates with a new tag.

JIRA integration

Agiloft now easily integrates with JIRA for project or bug management.

Bomgar Cloud integration

In addition to the Bomgar desktop client integration, Agiloft now can also integrate with the Bomgar Cloud Representative Client for remote support applications.

Additional enhancements include sync improvements, search improvements for multi-value linked fields, and more. For a complete list of enhancements, please read our November 2018 release notes or see a replay of our Agiloft 2018 Fall Release webinar here.

Have questions about these features? Join us for a Fall Release Community Chat on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 10:00AM PST. Head to the Agiloft Community to ask your questions. Not a member of our community? Sign up today!