We hear too often how broken processes and convoluted contracting are impacting procurement, but with the world in a constant stage of change, how can procurement professionals get things under control? In short: by elevating contracts from static documents to actionable data, contracts become the “relationship DNA” of all commercial transactions and create a connected contracting experience that yields value across the enterprise, not just in procurement.

We recently spoke about this topic with Procurement Leaders at their Innovation:IN event, which featured Paul Gamble, Contracts Administrator at Inland Group of Companies, and Andy Wishart, CPO at Agiloft. This talk discussed:

  • How can procurement professionals navigate the ever-growing challenges and demands associated with contracts, including siloed systems, remote work, and the accelerating speed of business
  • How to make contract data central to all procurement and enterprise operations, elevating the contract from a static document to “relationship DNA” that dictates all commercial activity in an organization
  • Real-life results of using a flexible contract management system that extends beyond procurement and can quickly adapt to changing business processes, policies, and regulations to reduce risk and increase revenue

Watch the replay of “INSIGHTS FROM THE ECOSYSTEM: Taking Control of Digital Assets: Elevating Contracts from Static Documents to Relationship DNA” below:

Also at the event, we talked with Morgan M. Walt, JD, Manager, Global Sourcing & Procurement at Russel Investments, about how the global investments firm transformed its global contracting process during the pandemic. You can watch that replay below:

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