Most business leaders know that managing customer relationships with a CRM system is a great way to keep your customers engaged. But how do you know what customer data to collect, and more importantly, how to use that data properly? For retailers, collecting the necessary customer data may be straightforward, but for large enterprises with extensive lines of complex products or services, gathering and utilizing customer data is much more difficult.

That was the reality faced by Edale, Ltd., a leading supplier of advanced printing press technology. Edale’s customer support operations were managed by email and spreadsheets, and it proved difficult to find details on customer equipment when they requested help or repairs. Often there was no way to accurately track support case progress. When Edale turned to their customer relationship management (CRM) tool, their current out-of-the-box system could not extend to other departments to share the customer information they needed—at least not without massive investment in customizing the hard-coded system.

During their search for a better option, Edale found Agiloft Platinum Partner Collins Technology Consulting. With Agiloft’s deeply configurable low-code platform, Edale could easily tie support cases to an asset library and expand that into a dynamic CRM, which is something no other CRM on the market could handle without months of software development. “We gave Edale an Agiloft platform they could test to prove the system’s value before committing to licences. This approach worked well for them as well as for other Collins Tech clients,” said Ben Collins, Collins Technology Consulting Owner.

Once Edale finished their testing of Agiloft and decided to deploy, Collins Tech had their system live in less than 48 hours. Edale started with a customized service desk that looped in customer support requests and an asset register, but thanks to Agiloft’s deep configurability Edale was able to quickly add other internal processes to the system including purchase orders and return management. With visibility and access to vital customer and equipment data, Edale vastly improved their customer service and realized new efficiencies within the organization.

“We’re seeing significantly less doubling up and less time on researching issues. Time savings and the accuracy of data are the biggest benefits. The system is very reliable and dynamic— it meets most needs out of the box and can be quickly modified to do even more,” said Ryan Barrett, Edale After-Sales Manager.

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