In the earlier part of the decade, rumors circulated of a Yahoo employee who managed to capitalize on the free lunch offerings—squirreling away cafeteria items, then repackaging and selling them on the open market. This tale aside, there are shockingly few examples in the tech community of turning a profit on something once offered at no cost. Even with 78% of companies taking advantage of open source software, studies show that most of this code is never used to its potential.

Agiloft recently learned of a progressive European company who found a way to transform our free trial software into a dynamic CRM that now functions as the bedrock of its business. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

4infinity provides digital deployments, services and solutions to high-end retailers across Europe, including Yamaha and Orange Belgium. “We tried every CRM on the market: PeopleSoft, SAP, Zoho, even spreadsheets. None of the applications suited our business model….All of this work happens within a very tight timeline, sometimes just 24 hours. No CRM on the planet could ever manage all that. Except Agiloft,” 4infinity CEO Greet Verellen said. “The system just kept allowing us to do more, modifying it to our needs, and it never said ‘stop, you’ve gone too far.’ It lets us be creative and now it’s a pivotal part of our business.”

When Greet says ‘pivotal’ she means that 4infinity project managers are now able to handle 20 times the workload as they did prior to Agiloft. She also means that Agiloft is critical to increasing sales. “When we go out to meet with a new client, we show them the capabilities and every time, they want to have it,” Greet explains. And, every time, 4infinity gives it to them. For a price.

To that end, 4infinity turns a profit on a solution it created 100% in-house with the Agiloft free trial. And now that its outgrown the trial’s five free licenses, it only pays a nominal fee for additional licenses. While it’s no free lunch, we think it’s a tale for the ages.

To read more about how Agiloft mobilized 4infinity, increasing their sales and productivity 20X, check out the 4infinity case study.