At Agiloft Summit 2019, way back before the pandemic, we talked with Paul Gamble, Contract Administrator at Inland Technologies Canada Inc. about his contracting challenges for the full-service airport environmental company. At Inland, all of the services provided were contract based, and many of them a complicated matrix of vendors and environmental regulations. Paul and his team deployed Agiloft contract lifecycle management (CLM) software to automate this contract process and to help scale the company before a coming acquisition.

The initial deployment configured the out-of-the-box solution to fit the organization’s complex contract workflows and regulatory needs, but Paul didn’t stop there. Using Agiloft’s flexible no-code CLM platform, Paul configured additional functionality into his system, including pushing out company policies to employees. He then created an automated solution for his procurement team’s capital expenditure, which cut the time for these tasks in half.

Overall, Inland’s Agiloft CLM system has reduced workload, increased accuracy, and, as a result, increased efficiency across the company. Paul was excited to attend the Agiloft Summit and offer up his story on how Agiloft has benefited the organization.

Watch the customer testimonial below:

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