This week in the Agiloft Webinar Series we spoke with Anthony Phuong of Children’s National Hospital (CNH), and he explained, among other things, how his automated CLM system enabled the hospital to roll out drive-up testing sites for COVID-19 in just three business days. In addition to testing sites, Anthony explained how the hospital’s automated CLM system has improved operations across the organization with quicker contract review times and increased contract compliance by business partners and vendors.

Lovingly called ‘Bear Contracts’ to match the hospital’s look-and-feel, Children’s National implemented Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management Suite to streamline its complex and often sluggish contract review and approval workflows. To prevent the CNH legal department from becoming a ‘black hole’ for contracts, Anthony and his team configured Agiloft’s no-code software to suit their unique business needs with impressive results.

Overall, Children’s National was able to reduce contract turnaround time by 52 percent while more than doubling the total contracts reviewed per year.

Other important points covered in this webinar:

  • How Anthony secured stakeholder buy-in for CLM
  • What the hospital was looking for in a CLM system
  • The results and benefits of the system on legal and business operations
  • How the CNH team implemented CLM and its reasons for a phased approach
  • A look at Bear Contracts custom legal dashboards and contract intake forms

Watch the webinar replay below:

This webinar was hosted in partnership with World Commerce & Contracting (formerly IACCM) with Paul Branch, WorldCC COO/CTO hosting the webinar and Q and A.

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