Thousands of contracts cross the desks of legal administrators at schools worldwide, including Suffolk University. For this Boston-based institution, those paper documents were managed manually, complete with literal hand-offs and copious phone calls.

Realizing they needed to automate and digitize contract submission and approval, Suffolk University evaluated several products, and ultimately choose Agiloft Contract Management Suite.

“Agiloft was priced very reasonably, and was way better than the other systems we looked at,” said Sheila McGarey, Executive/Administrative Assistant, Office of the General Counsel, Suffolk University. “It was the best product visually, and seemed like the easiest to use and the most flexible and intuitive.” In just a few months, the school went live with a system customized to their specific workflows. Today, 85 employees in 60 different departments rely on it.

As a result, the University’s legal department is more efficient and saves time. With record-keeping automated and instantaneous, the legal staff has time to focus on other, more important tasks. Since all contracts—including their status—are accessible in one location, end users can quickly and easily locate them. “We are really happy with Agiloft,” McGarey said. “It’s logical, easy to use, and very flexible. I would give it five stars.”

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