Even though we had to cancel Agiloft Summit 2020 and other in-person events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to host a series of virtual events over the next few months that we are calling the Agiloft Webinar Series. These webinars will cover a variety of topics including industry insights, training and tutorials for Agiloft users, and tips on how to increase revenue and efficiency in this unprecedented time of change.

This first in the series is a training session that will cover will cover best practices in personalizing your system for efficiency, using sophisticated saved searches, and other shortcuts to boost productivity. Sign up for this webinar here and look below for a list of other upcoming webinars.

Agiloft Webinar Series Schedule

Training Session: Power User Power Up
Wednesday, May 6th 11:00AM PDT
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What is CLM and How Can it Help You in the Current Business Environment?
Wednesday, May 13th 11:00AM PDT
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Training Session: Intro to Graphical Elements
Wednesday May 20th 11:00AM PDT
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Choosing a CLM System: What Features To Look For Out-of-the-Box
Wednesday May 27th 11:00AM PDT
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Other topics planned for this summer:

Make Virtual Contract Collaboration Painless
Save Time on Contract Review with AI
Maximizing Vendor Savings with CLM
Minimizing Revenue Leakage with CLM
Customer ROI Workshop

See upcoming webinars and virtual events on our events page. We will update this page with new webinars and event sign-ups as they become available.

If you have ideas or requests for what to see in an upcoming webinar, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at research@agiloft.com with any ideas for tips, training, or other virtual events.