This week Agiloft implementation manger Jack Wicks and Agiloft implementer Rose Booble hosted an in-depth training session titled “Take Control of Roles and Permissions,” discussing permissions for Groups, Teams, and Roles, and how you can increase privacy and security across your organization. This was the latest training session in our Agiloft Webinar Series, which includes both education-focused webinars and training sessions.

Watch Rose’s session and Jack’s Q and A here:

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In this session you will learn to create Agiloft charts, reports, and dashboards with filters, numeric widgets, drill downs, and other customizations that help you monitor and boost productivity.

In this session you will learn about Agiloft’s built-in functionality for automated task management, as it can be applied to projects, records, and other elements to increase productivity and visibility of business processes.

In this session you will take a tour of Agiloft print templates from the simple to the complex and learn how to incorporate our tried-and-true methods to automate your most intricate contracts and documents.

In this session you will learn the basics of working with Email and SMS templates to spark your imagination with an overview of some unconventional solutions to communicating within the Agiloft platform.

In this session you will learn how to utilize and configure graphical elements to enhance the Agiloft experience and boost productivity. Graphical elements discussed include heat bars, diagrams, check boxes, images in table views, icons, and more.

In this session you will learn to make the most of Agiloft’s time-saving features with personalized left panes, table views, sophisticated saved searches, user preferences, and shortcuts to boost productivity and enhance usability.

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