The power of connection: A deep dive into Agiloft’s Spring Release 

See the stars of Agiloft's 2024 Spring Product Release, focused on simplifying connections for smart contracting teams.

Agiloft is making waves with the cutting-edge features announced in our Spring 2024 Product Release. This release included a list of upgrades, enhancements, and new features that focus on improving connections throughout the business operation.  

Agiloft’s Spring Release connects you to other systems through improved, powerful integrations and bi-directional syncs, liberating data and streamlining workflows. Users will be better connected to contracts themselves, using AI to ask questions about a record and its contents. Finally, this release focused on connecting you directly to the outcomes you’ve been searching for, leveraging AI-powered shortcuts that bring unmatched productivity to more dynamic daily functions.   

Agiloft’s overall emphasis on connections is clear with the announcement of our Oracle partnership, combined with the further work done to enhance Microsoft and Google plug-ins, and continued efforts to empower global users with the ability to leverage more than 1,000 integrations via Integration Hub. In this release there are two clear standout features available for users to leverage: 

ConvoAI Document Q&A  

Agiloft announced the release of new product: ConvoAI Document Q&A. Find a deeper connection with your contracts. This feature empowers any authorized user to ask detailed, complex questions about a specific document, starting a full-blown conversation with your contract.  

 Legal resources are important and often costly and legal professionals should be spending that valuable time working on high-value business functions – not answering countless different questions, from countless different departments, on countless different documents.  

Combined with a pragmatic, human-centric approach, AI can act as a “force multiplier” for legal teams. Think of it almost as a front-line customer service chatbot for your legal team – saving countless hours of manual work while empowering departments across your entire organization to work more strategically, efficiently, and ultimately become more impactful.  

GenAI Prompt Lab 

On to the star of the show – our GenAI Prompt Lab, a new feature that empowers contract professionals to introduce the concept of generative AI into their day-to-day contracting workflows. While there continues to be warranted skepticism on the use of generative AI on writing legal language, Agiloft’s solution focuses instead on how you can use this technology to further enhance the operational efficiency of your business, which will ultimately have a more immediate, bottom-line impact to your organization while eliminating the perceived risk of other generative AI use cases.  

What does Prompt Lab do, exactly? Well – it can help you do anything! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to this new feature. Included in Agiloft’s AI Platform, Prompt Lab creates a space where a user can create and test their own or leverage pre-built prompts to receive an output from the AI model. These outputs can then be used in a multitude of actions and workflows across the platform and organization.  

So, we mentioned pre-built prompt templates – let’s explore a few:  

Contract summary 

While simple in nature, this prompt allows you to populate a field with a pre-defined, detailed, and standard summary format that can be used for any contract across your database. Imagine thousands of contracts, summarized in a standard, cohesive format that you control, with the click of a button.  

Compare clauses 

Looking for a quick temperature check on an incoming third-party document? This prompt template allows you to compare clauses in a document to that of your preferred and compliant language within your clause library – easily implementing an added compliance layer.  

Contract description 

Just looking for the highlights and not a more in-depth summary? This prompt provides a standard three-sentence description of the document and its contents.  

Agiloft’s Prompt Lab truly shines in its ability to build these smart actions that connect you directly to the outcome you’ve been searching for in a single click. Speaking of connecting – it’s important to connect to each other, so Agiloft has created a community where users across the globe can share the prompts they’re creating, as well as other tips and tricks on how this new feature can truly be maximized to its full potential.  

All-in-all, with this Spring Release, we’ve really focused on what we do best – empowering you with new ways to liberate and leverage contract data across an entire operation with a no-code interface that can be built by you, for you.  

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