Pele, Ronaldo, Rapinoe…Agiloft? While it’s not the World Cup, Agiloft will go down as a high scorer in Spend Matters’ latest SolutionMap for contract lifecycle management software. Despite a crowded field of 1000+ software modules and suites, Agiloft led the customer score in all four persona categories, proving Agiloft is a winner for businesses of all sizes looking for either an out-of-the-box solution or a highly configurable platform.

“Agiloft’s focus is to provide our customers with the most configurable, user-friendly contract management solution on the market that addresses current and evolving CLM needs,” said Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft. “Spend Matters’ recognition confirms that our powerful no-code solution is resonating in the market and bringing significant business value to users.” Read the full release here.

With more than 600 customers and three million global users, customers continue to find value in Agiloft’s Contract Management Suite, flexible Service Desk Suite, and custom workflow applications. While they come to Agiloft for our highly configurable no-code platform, they stay for our award-winning customer service. And with our customer service team growing by 75 percent in the last 12 months, you can be sure that Agiloft will continue to out-score the competition when it comes to customer success.

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