And the results are in! G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace where people discover, review, and manage the software they need, has named Agiloft a leader in its Fall 2022 Enterprise Grid Report for Contract Management. An invaluable tool for anyone shopping around, G2 provides 1.4 million authentic, verified reviews as well as data on 100,000 software products and professional services.  

What makes G2 so valuable?

G2 is a platform where verified, industry professionals review and report on specific software and services to help an audience of their peers. Once a company receives many positive reviews, it is deemed an industry leader. To be included in G2’s Grid Report, a product must have 10 or more reviews and five responses to each category-specific question. Agiloft racked up 49 reviews with a star rating of 4.5. See Agiloft’s G2 reviews here.

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” explains Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, authentic reviews.” 

Accolades are in the air at Agiloft

This news is not the only exciting thing happening at Agiloft. Take a look into our winning culture: 

  • Five-time winner of PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice Award” 
  • Five-time winner of Spend Matters “Value Award,” and touted as “the most customizable contract management system on the market” 
  • 2022 BIG Innovation Award winner for Leading Technology Organization
  • Winner of the 2021 Contract Management Platform of the Year award from the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards 
  • Recent expansion of Agiloft’s leadership team to include high-growth tech veterans CMO Kerry Desberg, CTO John Pechacek, and General Counsel Laura Richardson  
  • Agiloft also announced the debut of its Connected Experiences Platform: The industry’s most powerful integration platform, offering the unparalleled ability for users to manage contracts in the tools they want, flow contract data to the systems they need, and connect easily to the organization’s centralized government systems. 

Agiloft ensures its CLM is second to none

The entire Agiloft team is laser-focused on making our customers wildly successful, and we have become a leader in the space because of that focus. A major contributor of that success is due to our extremely flexible no-code platform.

Agiloft’s powerful CLM software provides significant savings in purchasing, enables more efficient legal operations, and accelerates sales cycles while drastically lowering complaint risk. Our scalable platform supports any approval processes with integrated workflows, email alerts, and one-click contract generation, ensuring rapid deployment and a fully extensible system. Using contracts as the core system of commercial records, Agiloft’s CLM software leverages AI to improve contract management for legal departments, procurement, and sales operations. It’s also fully audit compliant with support for HIPAA, GDPRSOX, and CFR21.

“Our primary goal at Agiloft is to ensure customer success with Agiloft’s flexible CLM, so it’s incredibly rewarding when our customers endorse the value of our CLM platform to their colleagues and peers on G2,” said Eric Laughlin, Agiloft CEO. “We are immensely proud to be named as a Leader in the G2 Fall 2022 Enterprise Grid Report for Contract Management. Our enterprise capabilities, ease of use, quality of support, and seamless integration with other enterprise systems set the industry standard and continues to drive the world’s top companies to trust Agiloft.”

Let us show you why we are a leader in the CLM space. Schedule a call with our CLM experts and learn how Agiloft can help accelerate your business.