In Agiloft’s latest software release, we revealed our new Microsoft Dynamics integration.

When deciding on what integrations to build, our ultimate goal is to enhance the ability to connect the dots between departments and encourage collaboration. With up to 4.4 million users, MS Dynamics has become an integral part of many organizations, and now it connects seamlessly with Agiloft. This integration allows users to combine a knowledgebase with Microsoft Dynamics to send real-time, event-driven updates between systems. With the bi-directional sync, you can create a new company record or contract in Agiloft and watch it automatically populate in MS Dynamics, or vice versa.

Agiloft’s award-winning Contract Management Suite is designed to help users manage contracts from start to finish and create a single source of truth for their data. However, even with contract management software it can be difficult to collaborate since different departments often use different software and tools specific to their needs. This integration allows other departments to have access to the same information stored in Agiloft, without causing headaches by having to create duplicate records that must be continually updated.

Watch Agiloft Senior Implementer Craig Gordon demo our MS Dynamics integration below at Agiloft Summit 2019:

With this prebuilt integration and our extensible CLM platform, we enable organizations to achieve what we are calling contract and commerce lifecycle management (CCLM). Using contracts as the core system of commercial record, organizations can integrate all business-critical processes that surround contracts, including ERP systems (like MS Dynamics), CRM, customer support, and even IT Service Management. This enables seamless collaboration between departments, creates new efficiencies and revenue opportunities, and reduces security and compliance risk with all contract information in one secured system. Read more about this new evolution of CLM in the blog post What is CCLM? Defining Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management.

Read our Microsoft Dynamics Integration wiki page to learn how to set up basic real-time information sharing between the systems. As always, we encourage users to post any questions or concerns in our online Community forum, along with any new integrations you would like to see in Agiloft.

To learn about Agiloft’s latest software enhancements and new AI features, watch our February 2020 Release Webinar or read the latest Release Notes. You can also read more about Agiloft’s full list of integrations on our Integrations Page.