We’re excited to announce that we’ve just made the Agiloft Contract Management Software Suite even better by integrating it with Adobe Sign, the leading e-signature solution and a key component of Adobe Document Cloud.

Agiloft Contract Management is a top-rated solution for automating the complete contract lifecycle. You may already be using it to streamline your approval process and integrate contract information into related business processes. And starting now, you can use Adobe Sign to electronically sign and send documents from any device, boosting the agility of your business by eliminating the slow-down of dropping to manual processes for signatures.

Sixty million people already rely on Adobe Sign to manage electronic signatures to save time and reduce unnecessary paperwork. Now you, too, can benefit from this proven solution.

“Managing contract versions and approvals was taking up valuable staff time. We saw Agiloft Contract Management as a way to both accelerate the contract review process and automate audit requirements. Now, with Adobe Sign integration, we can execute contracts faster than ever before.”

— Max Henrion, CEO of Lumina

With both Adobe Sign and DocuSign options, Agiloft customers can select from the best-of-breed in e-signature solutions. For more information on Agiloft integrations, visit https://www.agiloft.com/resources/system-integration/.

See the announcement here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/agiloft-integrates-with-adobe-sign-to-enable-online-e-signature-capabilities-300441385.html