On April 2, Salesforce announced plans to acquire MuleSoft and launch the Salesforce Integration Cloud. If this is the first time you’ve considered syncing Salesforce data across your other applications, then waiting for this new product may not feel like a strain. However, if you are one of the numerous organizations that have recognized this need from the start, then integration is a top priority today, not tomorrow. The MuleSoft purchase won’t go through until July and only then will the real development begin. (The price point for this cloud service has yet to be revealed.)

Immersion Corporation, a groundbreaking leader in haptic technology, is one of those organizations that realized the need for integration and didn’t want to delay the benefits to its sales cycle. It utilizes a custom Salesforce deal sheet and once this form is completed, it’s imperative that it move into contract review and subsequent approval immediately. To enable a rapid sales response, a purchase request is initiated in sync with the contract. Immersion required contract management software that could integrate with the customized elements of Salesforce, allowing it to execute at the speed of business. It found its solution in Agiloft.

Agiloft implementer Yuhao Zhou worked with Immersion to ensure that Agiloft’s Salesforce integration also captured custom elements that a standard integration might miss. Now, Immersion’s contract management solution syncs with Salesforce, generating contract records and initiating its approvals. This includes more than 10 fields of Salesforce data transferred seamlessly into Agiloft. Then, automatic reminders begin, prompting users with necessary follow-ups. If team members want to see a contract or its status, it’s just a click away.

“My biggest takeaway was how Yuhao was able to understand our needs and implement the right solutions without creating more work. When we would say that we needed something—not even articulating what we wanted—he would just know it and make it happen,” Immersion Senior Stock and Contracts Administrator Catherine McCaffrey shares.

To learn more about how Agiloft’s Salesforce integration has streamlined Immersion’s sales cycle, read our case study: https://www.agiloft.com/immersion-case-study.pdf