At Agiloft, we truly believe that the role of Contract Operations has risen to a business-critical level in today’s fast-paced world. And as global leaders in this space, we believe we are uniquely qualified to help train a new generation of CLM specialists.

That’s why we’ve formed a new program designed to help Agiloft customers make the most of their contract lifecycle management: Agiloft University.

Agiloft University’s online curriculum will train users from across procurement, sales, and legal teams to become contract ops pros and optimize their use of Agiloft’s flexible no-code platform.

Offering users of all levels targeted training using online tutorials, videos, learning plans, and training materials, Agiloft University will enhance their skills whether they are new to the platform or have already spent time working within the platform’s limitless configuration potential.

“As contract lifecycle management (CLM) establishes itself as a business-critical function in the enterprise, a new breed of in-house professional is needed to handle the processes and technology used to manage contracts,” said Eric Laughlin, Agiloft CEO. “Agiloft University will deepen that talent pool and empower users to become Agiloft Administrators within their organizations, giving customers a competitive advantage and helping them futureproof their CLM.”

Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways Agiloft University will help its students get the most out of their CLM solution.

1. Benefit from having an Agiloft expert on your team

Think back to a time in the past before implementing Agiloft’s CLM solution. Your contract workflow may seem archaic compared to your current standard, and it’s guaranteed that you were not benefiting from your contract data in the same way you are today.

Working with a CLM solution not only changed the way you do business, but it increases your revenue stream and brings to light the benefits of your data now unlocked from your contracts.

Now, imagine if you had team members who were Agiloft Admins, trained to optimize Agiloft’s no-code platform – and well-educated in the nitty gritty of the limitless configuration potential. If you think CLM has already changed the way you do business, just wait.

2. Maximize your ROI through advanced usability

Another perk of implementing Agiloft for your business? You’ll discover a new stream of revenue.

In fact, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, a company will save up to 2% of its annual costs by using CLM. Additionally, according to World CC research, good contract management can save a company up to 9% of its annual revenue. With this knowledge in hand, one of Agiloft University’s main objectives is to teach students how to maximize ROI by learning how to enhance usability, automate reporting, and expand user adoption.

Through Agiloft University, businesses can ensure that employees are using the CLM system to its fullest potential, maximizing these cost savings and plugging any revenue leaks.

3. Connect your data to key people and processes throughout your organization

For the value of data to be fully realized, it needs to be in the right hands. At Agiloft University, there are three levels of admin certification: Business, Workflow, and Design. The program is designed to give graduates the skill-set they need to become an expert at one level and then move beyond the foundational stage of automating the contract process to connecting the data within the contracts to the people and processes that need it to make a difference.

This level of accreditation takes unorganized contract data and spins it into business-critical intelligence, delivering more value and knowledge as well as boosting the results of those bigger business decisions that increase a company’s worth and introduce more opportunities.

4. Connect your data to key people and processes throughout your organization

The Agiloft University curriculum was created and is continuously updated by seasoned Agiloft Configuration Experts. The curriculum spans a wide range of topics, from basic template creation in Agiloft’s Contract Assistant for Word, to security, compliance, and keeping your organization’s data safe. Agiloft University attendees will learn how to improve security and compliance with training on advanced permission structures, secure notifications, and other critical security features.

Interested in signing up? Agiloft University is available to all Agiloft users across the enterprise, guiding procurement, sales, and legal teams to become contract operations pros and optimize their use of Agiloft’s flexible no-code platform. From beginner to advanced, users of all levels can receive targeted trainings using online tutorials, videos, learning plans, and training materials. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of Agiloft’s growth, success, and innovation. Sign up for Agiloft University today.