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When a new project comes along that needs workflow and tracking capability, we immediately think of Agiloft, because we know we can configure it quickly and it will just work.
— Asmar Muhammad
Affinity Development Group

Agile Workflow Management Software

Agiloft has been providing complete workflow and process automation solutions for over a decade. Workflow management software should be an integral part of any business process automation. However, "workflow" products have traditionally only provided a front end for visualizing business rules and processes, while requiring extensive custom coding and integration with a separate backend system to actually implement the workflow rules.

Agiloft provides the whole package - a flexible and robust data model with a powerful workflow and business rules engines that enable it to map any business structure and automate the most complex business processes -- all with no need for custom code.

Instead of providing an interface to create a workflow diagram that will still need to be built by programmers, it provides a drag-and-drop graphical workflow editor that builds and documents the workflow's actual behavior as you design it. As a result, new processes can be automated in record time, without programmers.

Travel Expense Workflow Example


  • New business processes can be quickly designed and automated in a couple of days, reducing manual errors and increasing reliability and efficiency.
  • All processes are automatically integrated with your essential data, such as employee and asset information, eliminating the need for duplication of effort.
  • There is no risk of outgrowing the solution, since it is easy to modify and build new relationships as your business changes.
  • There is no need to shop for a new product for every business process and then worry about whether these products can talk to each other.
  • Costs are dramatically reduced. No additional infrastructure, hardware, or purchase authorization is needed to expand usage, since there are no costs for adding modules and functions to the system. Agiloft is scalable enough to support all users at your organization, no matter how large it becomes.

Workflow Management Solutions

Many solutions offer only one part of the puzzle and must be combined with other applications to become functional. Not Agiloft. It comes with everything you need: a robust and scalable data model, powerful workflow and rules engines, sophisticated search functionality, a full audit trail, and fine-grained user permissions that allow the most complex processes to be implemented and enforced. All without writing a line of code.

Consolidate operations under a single extensible framework that adapts to changing business needs without programming. New tables, fields and relationships between tables can be created in a few minutes using just a browser. Each new table comes with the full infrastructure needed to make it supremely functional, and there is no limit to the number of tables and fields that can be added.

Workflow and rules provide the intelligence to automate the most complex business processes easily and without programming. Workflow controls state transitions and executes actions, while rules can validate data, send notifications, update data in related tables and other systems, run scheduled imports and exports, run time-based searches, send notifications about records meeting some criteria, and perform a host of other actions.

Powerful search functionality is essential for enabling any kind of automation. Agiloft's search capability is the best we have seen. It includes historical searching (find the asset that ever had this serial number or the support cases that were ever assigned to this person). And it finds records in which a particular field just changed or didn't change as of the last modification. This is what often drives rule actions.

For instance, when a record is saved, a rule may run a saved search that checks whether a field such as "Approved" has changed to Yes, and also checks whether the "Approved by" field matches an allowed value ("Approved by" may need to equal the submitter's supervisor, for instance). Depending on the search result, the rule can then trigger the error message "Only the supervisor has the right to approve this request," an email, or whatever action is desired. A process automation system is only as good as its search capability, and that is why we have developed over-the-top search functionality.

Easy-to-create charts, reports, and dashboards provide the insight and information you need, whenever you want it. It takes just a couple of minutes to create a new report, and you can see the output as a graphical chart, as html data, or in Excel or ASCII text. Reports can be scheduled and emailed or distributed to a public URL for access.

Fine-grained access permissions provide the control needed for widespread use throughout an organization. Permissions cover menu items, tables, records, and extend down to the field level, allowing you to give users exactly the access they need.

A fully customized end user interface can be offered to users with the information organized the way that is best for your organization. Multiple look and feel schemes are supported, so that different end users can see different branding.

Power user home pages and a customizable interface allow power users to work the way that suits them. They can define their own home page and organize it with the links, charts, and searches that are most useful to them. They can create custom data views and saved searches to display the information that helps them work more efficiently.

Full Integration is supported with LDAP / MS Active Directory authentication and single sign-on support for ease of user maintenance, while Web Services and REST APIs enable real-time integration with other enterprise systems.

Full auditability is provided through historical snapshots that display the entire record as it existed at any point in the past and audit logs that allow any event type to be captured.