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We integrated our trouble ticketing with change control and asset management, leading to greatly improved uptime.
— Nishan Sivagnanam

Agile Help Desk Software

Agiloft won the InfoTech analyst award as the most innovative and Best Overall Value in mid-market service-desks. View the Report Summary, or register to download the Full Report.

With Agiloft you'll slash deployment time and reap the benefit of faster time to value. Because you can make deep configuration changes using just the admin browser; the costs, delays and uncertainty of custom programming are eliminated. Once Agiloft is in production you'll continue to benefit from our agile technology. Processes inevitably change and your automation has to change with them. Now, you can make such changes without have to struggle with opaque and aging code.

Agiloft has deployed help desks for over 2.5 million named users at companies big and small and addresses the most complex support requirements of B2B organizations. We've used our decade of experience to create a suite of best practices and built them into the product. These best practices, combined with our graphical workflow editor, adaptive business rules engine and comprehensive dashboards, yield a system that will address your most exacting requirements.

The out-of-the-box system also includes the natural help desk extensions. So you can manage change requests, projects, timekeeping, customer surveys, and assets. Turn these functions on or off as desired to implement a fully integrated, complete IT service desk solution at no extra cost.

"We had been looking for the right enterprise-level issue tracking system for several years. When we discovered Agiloft we were immediately attracted to their flexibility, configurability, and ease of use."

Bob Kaplan
Shorenstein Realty Services


  • Improve consistency and control with workflow automation and standard solutions that guide technicians through the correct process and automate emails and other backend actions.
  • Reduce response times and improve satisfaction through automatic assignment and escalation rules that alert you of blockages and automatically escalate issues when necessary.
  • Allow customers to help themselves 24/7 with the built-in FAQ interface. You can also offer live chat during business hours for immediate responsiveness, and chat transcripts can be converted into tickets with the click of a button.
  • Gain insight through charts and reports that show turnaround times, staff productivity, overdue issues, and bottlenecks. Use trend charts to measure the progress of your organization towards meeting its goals.
  • Integrate functions across departments with fine grained access control and business rules that ensure the right people are given the information they need.

Service Desk Software

A robust feature set and best-practices support gives you everything you need to run an effective help desk. By providing an integrated system that can be configured to your exact needs without programming, Agiloft gives your helpdesk staff and managers all the details they need to resolve issues quickly and accurately.

Reduce Response Times

  • Standard solutions can be inserted in new tickets with a click of the mouse to improve consistency and efficiency while eliminating the drudgery of answering the same question multiple times.
  • Searchable FAQs offer instant gratification to customers looking for answers to standard questions. New customer tickets, once answered, can be easily converted by authorized staff into published FAQs available to other customers.
  • Integrated live chat is available for real-time communication with Help Desk staff, allowing technicians to chat with multiple customers simultaneously while keeping a log of the entire interaction and cutting telephone costs.
  • Automate assignments based on any criteria to reduce management overhead and optimize the load distribution among your staff.

Improve Staff Efficiency

  • Technicians can work the way they like to with a personalized home page showing the charts and records they need to work effectively. They can see all their assigned items in one place, and they can quickly create custom views, reports, and saved searches to display the essential information in the format they prefer.
  • Streamline email communications with MS Exchange and Outlook integration that synchronizes contact management, calendar events and allows staff to respond to issues by simply clicking a dynamic link in the email.

  • Support distributed operations across continents with an interface that is available in multiple concurrent languages and business rules that understand that different teams have different working hours.
  • Simplify access through single sign-on authentication and integration with LDAP/Active Directory.

Give Business Managers the Tools They Need

  • Full auditability is provided through historical snapshots that display the entire record as it existed at any point in the past, and configurable audit logs that capture all events of interest.
  • Escalation rules ensure that managers are notified when their intervention is needed to resolve urgent issues.
  • Graphical charts and reports provide insight into turnaround times, staff productivity and backlogs, while integrated customer surveys allow you to check the pulse of customer satisfaction ratings.
  • APIs for easy integration such as Web Services, REST API, and External System Adapters enable real-time integration with back-end systems.