We consolidated multiple business functions on Agiloft and are able to add new ones in a matter of days.
— Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Agiloft Contract Management Software

Agiloft has everything you need to manage your company's contracts and integrate their information into other processes. In addition to the functions provided by stand-alone systems, such as notifying the appropriate people when contracts are about to expire, it makes the information visible and actionable throughout your enterprise.

For instance:

  • Support technicians dealing with customers need to know the details of the customer's support contract -- whether it's valid, what it covers -- when taking support calls or working in the customer support system.
  • IT personnel may need to know what computer a software license is installed on when managing those assets or requesting help under a support contract.
  • The appropriate sales reps need to know when contracts are coming up for renewal.

These are just some examples of the relationships that are included with Agiloft's contract management software.

Whether you are the supplier of service contracts to your customers, or on the receiving end of service contracts from your company's vendors; our solution makes it easy to create new contracts and to associate them with assets, services, products, contacts, accounts, vendors, opportunities, and so on. This allows contract information to be available from all the relevant areas in the system.


  • Reduce costs of contract maintenance by automating the contract renewal process with workflow and rules that notify the appropriate people when action is needed.
  • Gain insight into upcoming contract renewal costs or revenues with easy-to-customize budget or forecast reports.
  • Ensure that customers have valid support contracts before receiving service by making contract status and details visible when a support case is created for a customer.
  • Manage any approvals needed for new contracts with automatic notifications and email approval capabilities.

Contract Management Solutions

You can start with just contract management and add integrated customer support, sales automation, and other functions, with no per-module cost. Agiloft is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process.

Automated document assembly allows you to create an entire contract with a single mouse click. Dates, fields and formulas are substituted into the MS Word document template, without the need for messy client or Active X controls.

Document versioning and check-in /check-out controls capture changes to documents and store all revisions for later review. Choose whether to use strict checkout controls or not, and apply fine-grained permission control over who can view older revisions and update attached documents.

Version comparison shows redlined changes for .docx documents between subsequent revisions.

Find any contract information with full text search of contracts and their attached files.

The graphical workflow editor allows you to define the exact steps and automatic actions that should be executed at each stage of a contract process, using just your browser, without writing a line of code.

The business rules engine handles time-based notifications about expirations as well as a host of other automation. For instance, a rule could automatically close a new support ticket submitted by a customer without valid support and send an email to the customer and to his sales rep informing them that the contract needs to be renewed before the support ticket can be worked.

DocuSign integration allows you to securely send, e-sign, and store contracts, agreements, and other important documents with any number of signers, eliminating slow and wasteful paper-based processes.

Email integration and dynamic hotlinks provide users with active notifications and the ability to instantly edit the contract and add comments by simply clicking a link in the email.

Management reports provide insight into past or upcoming contract costs and revenues.

A full audit trail and documentation, automatically created for every contract meet Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements, eliminating the need for manual document gathering by employees. Read a white paper on Reducing Costs of Government Compliance with Business Process Automation.

LDAP / MS Active Directory integration provides secure and centralized access control, while single sign-on allows users to login to the system without re-entering password information.

Web Services and REST APIs provide a service-oriented architecture for full integration with other enterprise systems.