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Agiloft provides a scalable, extensible, and affordable solution for automating and improving the efficiency of an organization's business processes. Due to the speed with which it can be deployed and modified, the system provides a rapid ROI abd significant long-term cost savings. Because it easily extends beyond your immediate business need to handle additional processes as they arise in the future, there is little danger of outgrowing the solution.

Agiloft has flexible pricing packages to suit most budgets.

Whether you're looking for a Hosted Cloud solution or an In-house deployment, Agiloft has an affordable plan for your organization.

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Pricing is based on a combination of the number of users of different license types and the service package needed for a fully customized deployment.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition provides the full feature set of Agiloft, with no per module charges. There are two ways to purchase:

  • As an annual Hosted Cloud contract in which we host the software on our servers.
  • As an outright purchase of permanent licenses for use on your premises, with an annual support and upgrade contract.
It is simple to move from the hosted cloud service to an in-house purchase at any time.

License Types

Assigned Power User. This is our main license type. An Assigned Power User license is used by someone who regularly works in the staff interface of the system, for instance as a support technician, contract manager, sales person, project manager, change approver, or marketing director -- essentially a user who has the authority to work on (edit) other people's records as well as his/her own. Assigned power user licenses are tied to a user, but if the user does not login for 30 days, they are automatically freed up. They can also be manually reassigned if an employee leaves the company.

Floating Power User. A Floating Power User license may be used by staff users who are infrequent users of the system - typically they might be managers, contract approvers, executives, and others who login for brief periods to create, view, edit, or run reports. They have the same privileges as an Assigned Power User, but their license is freed up as soon as they logout, so another staff person may use it. If you purchase 5 floating power users, up to 5 people may be logged in at one time under these licenses, and when one person logs out, the license permits another user to login and use that license. The cost of a Floating license is substantially higher than that for an Assigned Power User.

Unlimited End Users. We also offer a license for an unlimited number of end users which provides access to the built-in customizable End User Portal. End users may be internal employees or external users who are "customers" of the system. They interact with the system only through the End User Portal and can create records, view any records they are permitted to view, and edit only their own records.

Licensing Example

As an example, a company might have 4,000 employees who submit internal helpdesk tickets, 12,000 customers who create support tickets, 40 active support staff, 5 Contract and Legal staff managing contracts, and 50 potential approvers for contracts. Such a company might purchase Assigned Power User licenses for the 45 (40 + 5) named support and contract management users, a Floating Power User license for 5 users to handle the 50 infrequent approvers, and an Unlimited End User license for the external and internal customers of the system, which would provide individual logins and access for all the 4,000 internal staff and 12,000 customers.

Note: There is a minimum purchase of seven assigned power users. Volume discounts apply for purchases of more than 25 users of a given license type.

Hosted Service

With our hosted service, there is no software to buy, no server to maintain, support and upgrades are included, and your success is guaranteed.

View the Agiloft Hosted Service Level Agreement for details of our service guarantees and the pricing for optional services, such as hosting on a dedicated server, running the service under your company's domain name, and using our Extended Enterprise Service, which includes REST and Web Services integration.

Includes Support and Upgrades

Contract Management Suite

$45/user per month

Service Desk Suite

$65/user per month
with Unlimited End Users

Workflow/Custom BPM Suite

$45/user per month

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Software Purchase

In just 10 minutes you can install the software on your own server and preferred operating system. More economical than hosted service in the long term, the perpetual license is good forever.

See our System Requirements for information on server requirements. Visit our Download page to download it now.

Support and Upgrade Packages start at 20% of annual license value

Contract Management Suite


Service Desk Suite

with Unlimited End Users

Workflow/Custom BPM Suite


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Turnkey System

Hardware, Software, Implementation, Maintenance and Support - everything is included and system performance is guaranteed. View details of our turn-key system. Since hardware prices change frequently, it is best to call us at 888-727-2209 ext 1 for an up-to-date quote for a turn-key system.

Support Packages

We offer Standard and Premium Support Packages, with prices starting at 20% of the current license value per year for purchased licenses. Hosted service contracts and lease contracts include standard support at no additional charge. View our Support Plans for more details.

Implementation Services

We recommend one week of consulting services by our experienced implementation team to ensure a well-designed implementation. Services are available on an hourly basis. We offer complete implementation packages on both an hourly and a fixed price basis, with the work performed remotely from our offices in Silicon Valley, or on-site. Most consulting is done remotely. View information about our consulting services.

Free Edition

The free edition includes approximately 95% of the Agiloft feature set. Its main limitation is that it offers fewer licenses. View Feature Comparison for Free and Enterprise Editions.

The Free Edition can be used for evaluation or as a permanent solution for smaller organizations. It includes a free license for an administrator, five assigned power user seats, and five end users (for evaluation of the end user portal functionality). Additional licenses cannot be purchased for this edition - instead you can simply upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. Support contracts are not available for this edition, but consulting services may be purchased.

Please call us at 888-727-2209 ext. 1 for further information.
We will be happy to provide you with a price quote based on your exact needs. Or Chat with a Service Representative right now.

You can sign up for the free hosted service or download and install the Free Edition locally, requesting the free license once you have installed.