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License Types

Assigned Power Users

An Assigned Power User is someone who works in the staff or power interface of the system. Examples include contract managers, helpdesk staff members, approvers, sales and customer support representatives, and project and other managers. An Assigned Power User has the authority to work on and edit other people's records as well as their own. Assigned Power User licenses are linked to a user. If the user does not log in for 30 days, the license is automatically freed up. Assigned licenses can also be manually reassigned, such as when an employee leaves the company, and are available for reassignment 24 hours after being freed up.

Floating Power Licenses

A Floating Power License is primarily intended for staff members who are infrequent system users. Managers, contract approvers, executives, or others may log in for brief periods to create, view, or edit requests or approvals, view dashboards or run reports. They have the same privileges as an Assigned Power User but share the floating licenses with other power level users that do not have an assigned license. The floating license they use is freed up when they log out.

The number of Floating Power Licenses determines the maximum number of floating power level users that may be in the system concurrently. When one person using a floating license logs out, the floating license is freed up after two minutes.

The cost of a Floating Power License is three times the price of an Assigned Power User license. This license may be a cost-effective option when the number of infrequent users is more than three times the number that are expected to need concurrent access.

The Floating Power License is also cost effective for large groups who need power user access, when the maximum number of people who need to be in the system at the same time is less than 1/3 of the total number of users. For example, in a large organization, 40 floating power licenses may be a sufficient pool to support 300 power users, making floating power licenses a good option.

Unlimited End Users

We also offer a license for an unlimited number of end users which provides access to the built-in, customizable End User Portal. End users may be internal employees or external entities such as vendors or partners.

End users interact with the system through the simplified end user interface. The simplified end user portal provides access to create and submit requests, update their own requests, and provides permissions based, view only access. The end user portal is configurable for your branding.

The simplified interface does not include graphical dashboards and all of the functionality available in the power user interface, such as charts and reports. End users may receive scheduled charts and reports via email.

End users may only edit records they own, such as their requests.

  • In a Contract Management deployment, end users are typically “contract requesters” who request contracts, such as employees or vendors, and update only their own contract requests. They may also be employees or external users who view contract data and files based on their permissions settings. End users do not process the contract requests, generate contracts, manage approvals or approve contracts; contract managers, procurement staff members and approvers who are power users do so.
  • In a Service Desk deployment, end users are typically the customers or internal employees who submit tickets or requests to the system and update only their own tickets and requests. They may have permissions based, view access to other data. They are not working or approving the requests of others.

Multiple end user groups are supported with permissions-based access based on the user's group membership. Edit permission for a record, such as a contract or a ticket, is restricted to the owner, typically the requester.

Licensing Example

As an example, a company might have 4,000 employees who submit internal helpdesk tickets, 12,000 customers who create support tickets, 40 active support staff, 5 Contract and Legal staff managing contracts, and 50 potential approvers for contracts. Such a company might purchase Assigned Power User licenses for the 45 (40 + 5) named support and contract management users, a Floating Power User license for 5 users to handle the 50 infrequent approvers, and an Unlimited End User license for the external and internal customers of the system, which would provide individual logins and access for all the 4,000 internal staff and 12,000 customers.

Note: There is a minimum purchase of five assigned power users. Volume discounts apply for purchases of more than 25 users of a given license type.

SaaS Subscription

With our hosted service, there is no software to buy, no server to maintain, while support and upgrades are included. We maintain the infrastructure so that you can focus on your organization's goals.

On-Premise Subscription

Take full control by going on-premise. Choose the server OS, database and upgrade schedule that suits your organization and integrate with backend systems behind the firewall.

On-premise or SaaS subscription? Either way, we guarantee your success.

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Support Packages

SaaS hosted service and on-premise subscription include standard support at no additional cost. Premium Support may also be purchased. View our Support Plans for more details.

Implementation Services

We recommend one week of consulting services by our experienced implementation team to ensure a well-designed implementation. Services are available on an hourly basis. We offer complete implementation packages on both an hourly and a fixed price basis, with the work performed remotely from our offices in Silicon Valley, or on-site. Most consulting is done remotely. View information about our consulting services.

Free Edition

The free edition includes approximately 95% of the Agiloft feature set. Differences include a limited number of emails per day, less frequent time-based rules, and a maximum of 10 users.

You can use the Free Edition to evaluate Agiloft, and some smaller organizations find it can be a permanent solution. You will get a free administrator license, plus five assigned power users and five end users to evalute the end user portal features. Although support contracts are not available for the free edition, you can purchase consulting services from our team of experts. When your organization grows and you need more licenses, simply upgrade to one of the subscription plans for CLM, Service Desk, or custom workflows.

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