Platform Scalability

Agiloft has been a strategic tool, allowing us to grow over the last few years.


Agiloft exploits multi-core, multi-processor systems to address the needs of the world’s largest corporations.

It is built on the EJB architecture for enterprise scalability and is capable of generating over 250,000 tickets per hour on commodity hardware. As documented in these reports, it meets the needs of global Fortune 100 corporations for scalability, uptime, integration and security.

View a report on Agiloft Scalability and Redundancy for detailed results in production and benchmark settings. This paper also describes options for high-availability and performance tuning.

A Platform Without Limits

Agiloft includes out-of-the box applications with a robust feature set. Other vendors offer similar ready-made business process management applications. The difference comes when you need to grow beyond the bounds of a traditional application and want new functions to be integrated with your existing system.

This is where Agiloft shines. Agiloft has the flexibility to map any business process; capture, manage and audit the entire flow of information from any source, integrate from inside or outside your firewall, and drive your entire business to improved success and transparency.

A Platform You Won't Outgrow

Limitless Adaptability – The adaptive engine allows you to easily modify and extend the system to automate business processes – without programming.

You can define an unlimited number of custom workflows, business rules, groups, teams and tables. You can configure the system to satisfy your exact needs, using just your browser; and entire new functions can be added and related seamlessly to the out-of-the-box tables in just a few hours.

Unlimited Scalability – Our EJB-based technology platform handles a database of
ten million records as easily as a database of five thousand. Scale your staff from 3 to 30,000 users without changing platforms.

Total Security – An independent security firm executes regular audits of our hosting infrastructure and application software; and in keeping with our core principal of transparency, we will provide these reports for review upon request.

Thanks to the sophisticated security model, your worldwide staff, customers, partners, suppliers and affiliates can access the information appropriate for them 24/7 with full security, and you can enjoy a 360 degree view of your business.

The system supports unlimited custom groups and provides fine grained access control down to the record and field level for complete process and data access control.

Fully Custom Interface – The entire interface is under your control with your choice of colors, fonts, logo, and text, and you can create entirely custom interfaces using the end user portal template engine.

Over 70% of the brain is devoted to visual processing, so why not make your important customers feel at home by providing a look and feel that dynamically adapts based on their login?

Full Range of Deployment Options – Agiloft is a pure web application, available either as a SaaS hosted service or as an on-premise deployment behind your firewall.

You may choose to deploy it as a pure SaaS service to gain a quick ROI without needing to provision any hardware, then move the system in-house to a Windows or Linux server for tight integration with LDAP, Exchange and other sensitive systems. How easy is it to move? It takes just 6 mouse clicks.

Seamless Integration – Agiloft includes built in integration with standards such as LDAP and Exchange, but it also supports Web Services, REST and Scripting interfaces for custom integration.

The generalized External System Adapter allows you to sync with any other system, using your choice of programming language.

Full Auditability – The Audit and History functions can automatically track every record change, every login and every action so that you can meet the needs of government compliance and internal or external audits, without sacrificing productivity. Auditability is gained as a free side effect of business process automation.