Release Notes

Release Notes

Agiloft provides up to four upgrade releases with new functionality per year, plus monthly maintenance releases consisting of corrections only. Release notes provide documentation of new features and bug fixes.

Agiloft installs updates on its hosted servers after extensive testing and rollout. Customers on shared servers are provided at least one week’s notice, and upgrades are designed not to interfere with existing configuration or implementation-layer functionality. Customers on a dedicated server may request a window for their server update by opening a support ticket. Customers with on-premise instances of Agiloft can download the latest Agiloft upgrade.

February 2024 (Release 25.2) Release Notes

November 2023 (Release 25.1) Release Notes

August 2023 (Release 25) Release Notes

February 2023 (Release 24.1) Release Notes

June 2022 (Release 24) Release Notes