Pre-built, fully tested code

The technology is sophisticated, but the result is simple: With Agiloft, you can build an enterprise SaaS application in a matter of weeks, without writing a line of code; or you can integrate your existing code for advanced development.

Why Build Your Application on Agiloft

  • Time-to-market - Agiloft gives you a huge head-start. Man-centuries of development and testing have gone into providing all the core features you need for an enterprise SaaS application.
  • Responsiveness - Building on our no-code platform empowers you to add new functionality such as custom tables and business rules in less time than it takes other vendors to provide a quote. No custom code means no custom bugs or security holes, and upgrades are painless.
  • Reliability - Our code-base and infrastructure has proven itself through 10+ years of production use and multiple security audits.
  • Scalability - Agiloft is based on the EJB standard for enterprise scalability and has been performance tuned through years of high volume production use. So you can address the needs of Fortune 500 companies with ease.
  • Flexibility - Run the application on our infrastructure or your own. Agiloft-based products can be installed on your choice of Linux, Windows, AWS or Azure servers in less than 20 minutes. Deploy as a SaaS Service or move behind the customer firewall in just a few mouse clicks
  • Cost - In addition to slashing initial development costs, our flexible licensing model includes options for per-unit pricing and special volume pricing for large OEM relationships.

You get the benefit of all enhancements to the core platform with the standard support and upgrade contract, and we offer fixed-price implementation services for product development.

Agiloft-based products are in use at leading companies worldwide. For more information or to schedule a custom demo, call our sales representative at 888-727-2209 ext 1.