Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday evening, August 25th causing severe damage and killing close to 100 people. Louisiana and Texas were hit especially hard and experienced widespread flooding and loss of electricity. Justin West, the Lead Technical Advisor for Agiloft’s Texas-based partner, Spectrum Mobility, helped rescue residents in Houston.

Justin is a member of Constable Rick Sharp: Galveston County Pct 1. Their mission is to be responsive to the community in the delivery of quality services; to maintain order while affording dignity and respect to every individual; and improve the quality of life through a community partnership that promotes safe and secure neighborhoods. Here’s what their experience was like:

They launched their boat right on Interstate 45 which on any other day would be filled with cars and traffic.
Location where the rescue boat was launched.

Harvey’s slow movement meant catastrophic flooding with peak rainwater accumulations of 64.58 inches.
Flooding in Houston

The roadways were transformed into waterways leaving people trapped with limited food and supplies.
Highway flooded with rainwater

The team met up with the U.S. Coast Guard and other first responders to coordinate operations.
U.S. Coast Guard coordinating operations

Homes were completely submerged in water. Cleanup and repairs will likely take years.
Homes underwater

Thank you, Justin for helping your community in a time of need.
Photo of Justin

Many people still need support and a lot of them are without flood insurance. Not everyone has the means to help in person though donating to a charity helps provide assistance where it’s needed most.

Charities to consider donating to:
International Relief Teams
United Way
Salvation Army
Greater Houston Community Foundation