If you haven’t heard the news, this week Spend Matters ranked Agiloft a Customer and Value Leader in its Spring 2020 SolutionMap for Contract Lifecyle Management Solutions. This is big news as it marks the fourth consecutive quarter Agiloft has been ranked BOTH a Customer Leader and a Value Leader in all four persona categories. To learn more about this news, read the press release here.

But what does ‘Customer Leader,’ ‘Value Leader,’ and ‘all four persona categories’ mean? We break it down below.

Spend Matters Spring 2020 SolutionMap for CIO-Friendly CLM

See the full Spend Matters Spring 2020 SolutionMap for Contract Lifecyle Management on the Spend Matters website.

Customer Leader

As a Customer Leader in this SolutionMap, Agiloft has received the highest customer score of all 13 vendors ranked in the SolutionMap. This positions Agiloft the farthest right in the SolutionMap.

Additionally, the size and color of the ‘provider bubble’ indicates the strength of our customer reviews. The dark purple means we have the maximum number of customer references allowed and the large size of the bubble indicates our large number of customers.

Value Leader

In this Spring 2020 SolutionMap, Agiloft is positioned in the top-right Value Leader quadrant. According to Spend Matters, the Value Leader quadrant indicates “providers with both strong analyst and customer scores.” We are proud to be named to the Value Leader quadrant and this positioning is starting to feel like home for us since we have now landed here four quarters in a row.

Buying Persona Categories

When we say “in all four persona categories” we mean that Spend Matters named Agiloft a leader for every type of potential customer looking for contract lifecycle management software. On the CLM SolutionMap webpage you can toggle between the four buying personas, which are Deep, Configurator, Turn-Key, and CIO Friendly. Each persona has a separate SolutionMap associated with it, with Agiloft positioned in the Value Leader quadrant for each map.

This is how spend matters defines its buying personas (access this information here):

Spend Matters Deep Persona

Spend Matters Configurator Persona

Spend Matters Turn-Key Persona

Spend Matters CIO-Friendly Persona

“The real advantage of using the persona-based SolutionMap approach in CLM is the ability to map market segments individually to your own organizational requirements, wants and needs,” said Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters. “If you only need basic buy-side CLM support as part of a broader procurement suite, there’s one set of plentiful options. If you want deeper enterprise CLM, that requires other options. And if you want to push the boundary and have the solution actually help you diagnose and improve the contract language itself (e.g., using AI), then only a few providers are rising to the top to seize this emerging opportunity.”

To hear more from Pierre Mitchell, watch his fascinating keynote on Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management at Agiloft Summit 2019.

For more on Agiloft’s placement in this year’s SolutionMap or how you can customize Agiloft’s contract management software to fit your unique business needs, please contact us.