Keep your tablets and e-readers within reach. As of August, new airport security measures have been adopted by the Transportation Security Administration. Travel related safeguards have become commonplace. Now, companies like Aviation Technical Services (ATS) are taking note, asking the difficult questions about their own internal risks and how easily sensitive data could get up and fly away.

Most contract management systems aim to increase transparency across the organization. By this standard, ATS had a unique vision: a centralized system that improved scalability and accountability but put up high fences around the data. They needed a flexible, rigorous, and secure method to achieve their goal. It needed to run several layers deep with each user’s access varying according to their primary and secondary groups and location. Employee A would have a different security clearance than Employee B, differentiated further from Employee C based in another state. The relational data would alter the functional data. As a follow on measure, the system needed to check for any overlap with the contract classification, a separate parameter.

Their Senior Contracts Administrator, Beatrice Steinfatt, has over twenty years of experience in the field and familiarity with almost every option on the market. “Agiloft offered us an extremely capable system — deep, modular, and multi-layered. Also, if I had a question I’d fire it off and the turnaround was phenomenal. The professionalism and efficiency made Agiloft an easy choice.”

The Agiloft team went to work customizing the system to facilitate data confinement in a complex web of information. The solution allowed ATS to keep all the documents in one place, yet enact data protections for each contract to guarantee that only those with the appropriate designation could see a particular contract. Steinfatt shares: “It was definitely a challenge to control who could see what under which circumstances, but the Agiloft team figured it out. The software’s baseline is very comprehensive; we only used a sliver of it but that sliver had to be severely customized. It takes a unique way of structuring a system to establish data segregation that can continue to scale. The Agiloft solution works great. We got exactly what we envisioned and more.”

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