With Google recently acquiring no-code the mobile app builder startup AppSheet, no-code software is again in the tech news spotlight. If you’re not familiar, no-code software is any software that can be configured without manually writing lines of code. Agiloft CEO Colin Earl says, “No-code platforms make it easy to build highly-customized enterprise workflows and reconfigure them in a matter of days based on user feedback or changes to the desired processes.”

Agiloft’s no-code software breaks out of the mobile app builder and game maker space to offer big advantages to organizations in need of new business software. But what does this look like in real life? Instead of listing all the reasons it can benefit business users, we thought we would share some customer stories that demonstrate the impact of no-code business software on contract management and other applications.

Finding help with contract management for a legal firm

Melendy Butler will be the first to admit she is not a very technical person. As Contract and Project Coordinator at legal firm Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP, Melendy’s focus is on processing, approving, and routing contracts, which when she started was all done manually. Agiloft’s no-code contract management software was brought in to F3 Law to eliminate these laborious manual processes. According to Melendy, the biggest surprise in F3’s implementation was how easy it was to configure the software and make the necessary changes to tweak and refine the contract process, which ultimately saves time and money for the organization.

Watch Melendy tell her Agiloft story in the video below:

Retail service provider self-implements fully custom solution

Retail solutions provider 4infinity needed a fully customizable CRM solution that no other vendor could provide. CEO Greet Verellen and her team attempted to make another software solution work, but eventually gave up and turned to Agiloft’s free trial. Once they began configuring it to their unique specifications, they knew it was the tool they were looking for.

“The system just kept allowing us to do more, modifying it to our needs, and it never said ‘Stop, you’ve gone too far.’ It allowed us be creative and now, it’s a pivotal part of our business,” Greet said.

4infinity utilized Agiloft’s configurability to create a solution that has increased employee productivity by 2000%. Read their full story here.

Customized contract management empowers efficiency at major university

At Saint Louis University (SLU), when it became clear that a centralized contract management system was essential to data security, the IT department did not have the bandwidth to implement a new contract management system. Fortunately, a research team including Ellen Borowiak, Contracts Program Manager at SLU, found Agiloft. In their search, Agiloft’s no-code platform scored high on their list of technical requirements as well as the ease of use and configurability. SLU needed advanced configurability to create and refine contract approval workflows. Now that they have implemented the software, Ellen and her team of users continue to configure Agiloft as their needs change and to keep the workflows running smoothly.

Watch the video below to see Ellen tell her Agiloft story and how the university was able to leverage Agiloft configurations to streamline their most important approval workflows.

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