Support Plans

Anything you want
Agiloft to do, it can do.

-Suzy Berman, Metrico Wireless

Free Support

Free support includes:

  • Agiloft comes with context-sensitive, online and PDF documentation and tutorials
  • Web portal 24/7 access to our online knowledgebase of FAQs
  • Free online admin training
  • 30 days of Standard Support at no charge for the Free Edition

Standard Support Package  

The Standard Support Package includes Free Support plus:

  • All upgrades and enhancements
  • Web portal support, 24/7 access, staffed during phone support hours
  • US telephone support available M-F from 7:30am to 8pm EST (650.839.9900 ext: 3). Support provided during local business hours in other countries.

Both SaaS hosted service and on-premise subscription include standard support at no additional cost.

Extended Enterprise Support

The Extended Enterprise Support package includes Standard Support, plus 24 hour support and support for critical issues on weekends. It features:

  • 24/5 weekday support via the support portal or phone
  • Weekend support for critical issues, provided by our emergency support line
  • Tuning to optimize performance and user experience

On-Premise Upgrades

With a current Standard Support Plan, you can upgrade your installation at any time by simply downloading the latest release and running the same program that you used to install it.

We notify all customers by email when major new releases are made available for download.

When you upgrade an installation everything is maintained: Contacts, Tables, Look and Feel, Customizations, Business Rules, and scripts.

As with any program, it makes good sense to back up your data before upgrading. We recommend that you do an export of your knowledge bases in Agiloft format to a safe directory prior to upgrading.

The Agiloft XML-based export file format also allows you to move an installation from one machine to another, including between Unix and Windows machines, by simply creating an export file and moving the file to the target machine. Once again, everything is preserved.

Support Package Comparison

Feature Standard Extended
Case Limit Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Web Access
Phone Access
Toll-Free Phone Access1
24/7 Phone Access for Critical and System Down Issues  
Priority Phone Queue & Case Routing  
1 In the U.S. only.