Evaluate Software

Agiloft's hosted solution is ideal for us.
Its cost effectiveness is unmatched.

-Tim Hicks, Arcatech Systems

After 10 years of working with customers ranging from startups to Fortune 50 corporations, we have an effective evaluation process that everyone can use.

We know that choices can be overwhelming when shopping for an enterprise software solution. Dozens of vendors may claim to have the functionality you need, but often it’s only after deep examination that you find out whether the claims are true and whether the vendor truly understood your needs.

Many of our customers came to Agiloft after they implemented other products that failed to deliver the promised benefits. Unlike our competitors, we have a 100% implementation success rate. That’s because of our unique adaptive technology, and because we invest the time up front to understand the needs of a potential customer and be sure we can actually meet those needs.

We want to reduce your risk. That’s why we offer an unconditional 90 day 100% money back guarantee on license fees..

With that guarantee, it’s in our interest to ensure our product is the right fit for your business before we sell it to you. How can we be sure? By asking the right questions to fully understand your challenges, your goals, and your criteria for success. This is where our staff’s expertise comes in — we’ve helped hundreds of customers already, and we excel at designing effective business process automation.

Recommended Evaluation Process

Our goal is to work with you to determine whether we have the solution you need at a price you can afford. Here is the process we suggest you follow:


  • Meet with your team to discuss the main goals of the implementation and the business problems the software is intended to solve, then write up a brief description of how you envision your ideal solution. Include any long-term goals that might follow an initial implementation.
  • Think about the features that are most important to you, the licensing model you need, and any particular platform or technology requirements. For example, does the software need to run on Linux or Windows, use MS SQL or MySQL as the backend database, support Web Services and/or REST, support custom branding, etc.
  • How many users will be accessing the system, and how will they be using it? Think about how many of your users are customers (portal users), and how many are power user technicians or active “super” users. This will give you a rough estimate of the number of seats you need and a basis for comparing prices.
  • Determine your budget, including how much you can spend on licenses, maintenance, consulting, and any potential extras. Include the cost of your own staff members’ time for participating in the specification and implementation phases, as well as ongoing system maintenance.

With this information in hand you are ready to start evaluating actual software packages.

Evaluating Agiloft

Once you arrive at our site, we recommend that you take the following steps. Of course we welcome your call at 888-727-2209 ext. 1 at any time, but we recognize that many people prefer to look around a bit before calling a sales person.

  • Review online demos relevant to your particular business need to get a sense of the program’s interface and general functionality.
  • Review features and videos for more detailed information on the available features, and compare these against your requirement list.
  • Read this website to understand Agiloft’s main benefits and differentiators, and how other customers are using it successfully.
  • Check our Pricing to get a sense of how much our solution will cost. From there you can request an immediate online quote or contact a Sales Rep at 888-727-2209 ext. 1 for a more detailed and commented quote based on the information you provide.

Let us Prove Agiloft Can Do It

Armed with details about the process you want to automate and the problems you need to solve, we’ll prepare a personalized demo that shows exactly how we can do it. Thanks to Agiloft’s speed of customization, we can quickly build out one of your toughest processes and demonstrate it to you.

After seeing how Agiloft can manage your business process, you’ll feel confident that our solution is right for you.

To get started, please contact a sales rep at 888-727-2209 ext. 1 to discuss your requirements and schedule a demo.

Once you’ve seen a personalized demo, you will have a strong point of comparison with any other products you consider. We recommend asking other vendors how long it would take them to implement your process and if they can demonstrate a proof-of-concept to you.

If another vendor takes 2 weeks to do what we do in a few hours, you’ll know how “customizable” their product really is.

Get Help Now

If we can assist you in any way during your evaluation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-727-2209 ext. 1. Our sales representatives understand the importance of this decision. They bring years of experience to help you sort through the factors that will be most important for your success.