Technical Specifications

Agiloft support staff have bent over backwards to help us solve problems, even when we caused them ourselves!

-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Agiloft Features

Summary information about Agiloft’s features.

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Infinitely Scalable

With Agiloft’s robust architecture, you’ll never outgrow your knowledgebase.

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Single sign-on with Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, SAML v2, or Kerberos. Sync back-end systems, external databases, and other third-party systems.

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Platform Architecture

Agiloft employs a multi-tier, J2EE > Application Server > RDBMS architecture for enterprise connectivity and compatibility across operating systems.

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Platform Security

We employ a multi-layered security policy.

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System Requirements

Whether you choose our hosted service or an in-house deployment, you can get up and running quickly with Agiloft. And because Agiloft is accessed through a web browser, it’s available anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

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Customer Support

We offer 24/7 support to customers through our Agiloft support portal, as well as phone support during business hours.

Case Studies

Learn how customers have achieved business agility with Agiloft.

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