Amazing, it has the flexibility
to do anything you want!

– Cheryl Doenges, Moss Adams

Download Agiloft's Free Edition and install the system in-house in just minutes. The product is instantly ready for full production use and can business managers can make direct configuration changes, without any programming. Upgrades are just as easy! The program detects available upgrades and can install them automatically.

Using the default settings, a full installation takes just a few mouse clicks. For custom installations and documentation, review the Installation Guide available at our Documentation page.

Access the online help via the help icon in the top right of the program window. To help you get started, watch the video tutorials for administrators and power users.

Agiloft is a true enterprise application, built on the J2EE architecture to scale all the way from a single user managing a small business to hundreds of thousands of users accessing millions of records.

System Requirements

Whether you have 5 users or 5,000, you need at least 12 Gigabytes of RAM on the server in order to install successfully and perform well. If you have less RAM, please use our Free Hosted Service instead.

See our System Requirements for more details about recommended hardware configurations.

Agiloft installs with a free copy of the MySQL database by default, and it can also be used with your own licensed copy of MS SQL if preferred.

Once you have installed the program, go to Setup > License > Request a license to request your free licenses. The Free Edition comes with licenses for 5 assigned power users and 5 end users. The Free Edition is not time-limited; and you can upgrade at any time to a paid edition.