Anything you want
Agiloft to do, it can do.

– Suzy Berman, Metrico Wireless

Agiloft is available in both a Free Edition for up to 5 assigned power users and an Enterprise Edition. The features included in each are summarized below. Sign up for the Free Edition and upgrade to the Enterprise Edition at any time.

Tables and Fields Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Configurable Database Schemas
Configurable Tables and Forms
Configurable Data Fields
Field Types
Drag & Drop Configuration
Multi-Tab Input Forms
Configurable Choice Lists
Relational Tables
Working with Records Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Power User Homepage
Configurable Data Views
Mass Edit Multiple Records
One Click to Save and Open
Searchable Attached Files
HTML Editor
Linking Records
Automatic Hyperlinks
Standard Solutions
ITIL Support
Document Management Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Contract Authoring
Edit Word Documents Directly from URL
Dynamic Print Templates
Attached Document Revision Control
File Check-in and Check-out
PDF / Word Printouts
Full Text File Searching
Powerful Searching Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Full Text Search
Database Search and Sorting
Saved Searches
Run-time searches for reporting
Charts and Reports Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Graphical Charts
Trend Charts and Reports
Interactive Reports
Scheduled Report Distribution
Communications & Email Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Email Integration
Outgoing Email Integration Unlimited 250 Emails per day
Email Alerts of New Events
Update with Email Hyperlinks
Chat Integration
Broadcast Messaging
Auditability Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Activity Logs and Reports
Audit Trail and History
Automation Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Graphical Workflow
Business Rules Wizard
Interactive Business Rules
Time Based Background Rules Can run every 5 minutes Can run every 48 hours
SLA Compliance and Monitoring
Round Robin Assignment
Automatic Backups
Redundant Offsite Backups  
Brandable Customer Portal Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Custom End User Portal
Configurable Look and Feel
Multiple Custom Brandings
Custom Graphic Images
Custom Fonts
Multilingual Support
Interactive FAQs
Precise and Flexible Access Control Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Single Sign-On
Self Registration
Password Configuration
Record Level Permissions
Field Level Permissions
Group Security Permissions
Configurable Interfaces Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Web Interface for Users
Web Interface for Admins
Web Interface for Technicians
Mobile Interface
System Integration and APIs Enterprise Edition Free Edition
LDAP Integration
Systems Integration
Scripts API
Web Services API  
Import / Export
Outlook and iCalendar Integration
MS Exchange Integration
Database Size Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Size of DB plus attached files 8G per staff user if hosted. Extra space may be purchased Limited to 1G if hosted
Rapid Installation and Upgrades Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Installs in a Few Minutes
Upgrades and Support Free support for 30 days from setup
Licensing Options Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Hosted Service on Our Servers At least 5 assigned and/or floating staff users Limited to 5 assigned power users, cannot add users
On-Premise Installed In-house At least 5 assigned and/or floating staff users Limited to 5 assigned power users, cannot add users

Email alerts of new events and interactive rules are instantaneous in the free and paid version. Workflow is fully functional and instantaneous in the free version.

We recommend viewing demos and tutorials for additional information. Visit the Documentation page for instructions on using the many features.