Beyond ROI: Calculating the real-world value
of Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management

Contracts are the lifeblood of modern commerce. According to IACCM, the average cost of processing a routine contract is $6,900, while the cost for complex contracts run much higher. And that's just operational costs. What about the impact on the bottom line associated with vendors and customers not adhering to the terms of contracts?

Add security and regulatory compliance risk to the mix and the potential costs really start to add up. Many companies have little idea how much time and effort they spend on managing contracts and associated documents let alone the P&L and risk exposure. To maximize the value of your investment in a CCLM system, the first step is to measure what matters using standard industry metrics.

On Tuesday March 26 at 11:00 EDT, join Peggy Barber, CEO, IACCM Americas and Colin Earl, CEO, Agiloft for a one-hour presentation on calculating the real-world value of modern contract and commerce lifecycle management. You'll learn:

  • How to quantify the ROI of CCLM with KPIs for business operations, risk, and compliance
  • How your value assessment compares to industry benchmarks
  • Best practices to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and strengthen security and compliance

Miss the webinar? Watch a full replay of the presentation here.