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I would absolutely recommend Agiloft.
— Sarah Danforth

Unconditional Guarantee - Relax, You are Covered

Your success drives our reputation, so we make sure we can meet your needs before we make a commitment to you. When we do make that commitment, we back it up. The entire Agiloft solution -- software, services and (optional) hardware -- comes with an unconditional guarantee of total success.

It is our track record for on-time, on-budget implementations that gives us the confidence to make such a guarantee. It is the only one in the industry and it is simple:

If you are not absolutely delighted with the results or want to cancel for any reason within 90 days of initial purchase, you pay nothing. It is that simple.

We accept 3 month payment terms, so you do not even need to get a refund, you can just cancel the PO.

Other companies make "guarantees" but take them back in the small-print. Ours is unconditional. Let's look at some examples:

Q Every company is different, how can you be so confident that you will succeed in our environment?
A We have over 10 years of experience providing web based solutions, a 99.4% success rate for all implementations and a 100% success rate for customer solutions that we have implemented, an award winning product and an adaptive data model that fits the specific needs of each customer.

By making this this guarantee, we are also tying our self interest to yours. So we ask about your needs up front, and if Agiloft is not the right solution for your company, we will tell you so and where possible, refer you to someone who can help.

Q Does the guarantee only apply to a purchase or does it also apply to leases and your hosted service?
A It applies to purchases, leases and our hosted service.
Q Suppose the software works perfectly but we get merged with another division and have to adopt their systems?
A You cancel the PO or get a full cash refund if you have already paid.
Q What if the software works perfectly but our CEO decides that Post-it notes are the wave of the future and cancels the purchase?
A You cancel the PO or get a full cash refund if you have already paid.
Q How about implementation services? Suppose we pay for a 2 week implementation package to customize the system for full production use.

If we are not happy, do we get a refund for the cost of implementation services?

A Yes
Q Is there anything that is not covered?
A Services that are not directly related to the Agiloft implementation, such as cleaning up old data, are not included in the guarantee. However, any such exceptions would be spelled out in the price quote.

Hardware Guarantee

Q Do we have to buy your hardware to get the 90 day satisfaction guarantee or can we use our own?
A You can use your own hardware. We will be happy to recommend a suitable hardware configuration from the vendor of your choice.
Q If we buy your turnkey system, is that guaranteed as well?
A Yes. If you are not delighted, we refund the full cost of the system and you return the hardware.
Q Suppose a hard drive dies after the 90 days have expired? Does your maintenance contract include hardware?
A Yes. All of our turnkey servers have a standard manufacturer's warranty. They are also configured with RAID 10 with a hotswap spare drive so the system will keep running even if a drive fails. We will then send you a replacement drive by overnight express.
Q Suppose the power supply fails?
A We offer turnkey servers configured with hotswap redundant power supplies so the system will keep running while we ship you a replacement power supply by overnight express.
Q Suppose some other part of the server dies within the warranty period and cannot be resuscitated?
A We will ship a replacement server by overnight express.

We offer an option of hotswap redundant servers and even if you do not take this option, our installation package includes configuring the primary server to perform automatic backups on one of your servers or one of our hosted servers.

Your data is safe and Agiloft can be up and running until the new server arrives.

Q Suppose the server dies and we did not choose the redundant server option and we do not have a spare server that we can deploy?
A We will host your knowledgebase on one of our servers at no charge while we ship a replacement server by overnight express.

We make it easy for you to keep backups of your knowledgebase by exporting it automatically to a single .zip file at specified intervals. However, it is your responsibility to keep this file at some safe location, typically on a separate server or backup system.

Note: If you did not purchase the server from us and your server suffers a hardware failure while you have an active software maintenance contract with us, we will host your knowledgebase for free on on our servers for up to two weeks per year while you are getting your server repaired.

Performance Guarantee

Q How are your turnkey systems configured?
A The base enterprise systems are configured to support hundreds of concurrent users and have the configuration shown below.

Agiloft was designed to be both highly scalable and flexible. This combination requires a significant amount of RAM, but happily that is no longer expensive.

Prices start at under $4,000 for a system that will easily support 50 concurrent users and an unlimited number of registered users:

  • Dual quad-core Intel E5 processors
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 32+G RAM
  • RAID 10 hard drive configuration
Detailed hardware recommendations are provided here.

Hotswap Redundant Servers

For high-availability, we will configure pairs of Linux servers for full redundancy at no additional charge for installations with 25 or more staff licenses. These servers may be purchased directly from us, or your preferred hardware provider.

Q Suppose that system usage grows to the point where the server cannot handle the load?
A Even our entry level servers are so overpowered that you can triple the number of users before noticing a significant performance impact and as you increase the number of users, we provide more powerful turnkey servers.
Q Suppose our usage patterns change so that the server cannot handle the load with the same number of users?
A If the average CPU utilization exceeds 25% during your regular office hours, we will upgrade your base server to one with at least 50% greater processing power and/or memory (depending upon where the bottleneck is) at no additional charge.
Q How can we be confident of performance if we use our own hardware supplier, rather than buying one of your servers?
A Although we only guarantee performance if you use one of our servers, you can still be confident when using your own hardware.
  • Your company has 90 days to put it through its paces in a production environment under our unconditional guarantee.
  • We provide benchmark scripts that help you compare your server's performance with the results from our standard servers.
  • Agiloft has enjoyed several years of performance tuning and is a highly efficient application.