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Agiloft provides everything needed for license lifecycle management and makes it easy
— Tim Schnettler, Lattice Semiconductor

Agile License Lifecycle Management

Agiloft provides an enterprise class infrastructure to companies that issue licenses. It can support any license enforcement product and is pre-integrated with Flexera, Echelon, LUM and PC Guard.

With a streamlined and integrated process for managing the entire customer lifecycle, you now have the time and information you need to grow your business. These same efficiencies make your company easier to do business with and show your customers that they are dealing with an efficient and well-managed organization.

With an intuitive interface for staff, Agiloft simplifies license generation, automates the renewal process, tracks re-assignments, manages license bundling and promotions, and provides revenue forecasts. An end-user portal with unlimited access provides a 24/7 self-service facility to your customers.

As your needs grow and evolve, Agiloft grows with you because it's built on adaptive technology. So you can create and customize business processes, dashboards, and reports in a matter of minutes, using just your browser. Other modules in the Agiloft suite provide integrated customer support, contract management, sales automation and RMA management, so it easily extends to other departments when you are ready.

The result is a better user experience, improved relationships, and higher profits. It's a win for you and your customers.


  • Provides an intuitive interface for license generation with a self-documenting interface optimized for staff usage.
  • Improves the customer experience with an end-user portal that allows them to track purchases, request evaluation licenses, and - subject to your business rules - transfer licenses between machines. Your customers can now renew licenses or purchase additional products by simply clicking a link in the notification email.
  • Tracks license purchases with management reports and dashboards to provide insight into buying patterns.
  • Manages product bundling with a management interface that allows you to create license bundles, manage discount levels or special promotions, and make the right business decisions based upon accurate data.
  • Increases license renewals with automated emails to the customer and/or assigned salesperson to maximize the renewal rate. Reports detail the expected revenue from upcoming renewals. Escalation rules ensure effective follow up.

License Lifecycle Management

You can start with license lifecycle management and add integrated customer support, contract management, sales automation, and other modules at will. Agiloft is designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process.

The graphical workflow editor allows you to define the exact steps and automatic actions that should be executed at each stage of the license lifecycle, using just your browser - without writing a line of code.

The business rules engine handles time-based notifications about expirations as well as a host of other automated actions. For instance, a rule can automatically email the assigned sales person or team if a customer fails to renew their software contract through the end-user portal within 30 days of expiration.

Email integration and dynamic hotlinks provide end-users with active notifications and the ability to instantly renew their contract and authorize payment by clicking a link in the email.

Management reports provide insight into past or upcoming license purchases and renewals.

A full audit trail and documentation, automatically created for every contract, meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements, eliminating the need for manual document gathering by employees.

LDAP / MS Active Directory integration provides secure and centralized access control, while single sign-on allows users to login to the system without re-entering password information.

Web Services and REST APIs provide a service-oriented architecture for full integration with other enterprise systems.