Company Background

Agiloft, Inc. is a trusted provider of agile business process software. Our unique platform enables our pre-built and custom applications to be tailored to your exact needs without writing custom code, so deployment times and costs are a fraction of other systems.

Our design experts ensure success with a full range of services, and the system can be deployed on our cloud infrastructure or on premise. Agiloft offers the most flexible and cost-effective integrated solution for managing complex business processes. Hundreds of customers, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, are using Agiloft to manage their Service Desk, Assets, Repairs, Contracts, Changes, Billing, CRM, SOX Compliance, and dozens of other custom processes.

With a strong focus on engineering excellence, we have an absolute dedication to world-class customer service. Thanks to our unique, adaptive platform and over a decade of experience designing and implementing sophisticated process automation solutions, we can offer fixed-price implementations backed by an unconditional guarantee of total customer satisfaction.

We've enjoyed pure organic growth from the start and have remained self-funded and profitable, with no debt or external investors. Our Dun & Bradstreet number is 83-607-8865.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have offices in the U.S., Russia, and New Zealand. We have partners and resellers in the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia.


To provide enterprise business applications that are guaranteed to go live on time and on budget, at less than half the TCO of other web-based solutions.


    A company spent 9 months and $250K developing an integrated system for time billing, RMA management and customer support before they threw in the towel. We built the entire solution for them in one man week and they went live two weeks later.

    A company spent months of effort trying to customize MS CRM to meet their needs before shelving the software. We built a complete solution in two weeks.


To become the leader in enterprise business applications by removing the need for custom coding.


    Companies worldwide are using our solutions for Customer Support, Document Management, CRM, RMA management and more. All these products use exactly the same code base. We provide a full range of APIs, but over 95% of our customers need no custom coding - everything is configured via the browser. The code that manages Sarbanes Oxley for Chevron is the same code that supports the distribution of organic lunches to school kids for a tiny startup in Marin.


Hire the best. Be the best. Act with integrity.


    We align our interests with those of our customers by providing the industry's only unconditional guarantee that covers both the software and all consulting costs. This ensures that it is never in our interest to exaggerate the capabilities of the software or underestimate the implementation costs.


Founded in 1991 as an enterprise software development firm, the company worked on major development projects for 3Com, Compaq, Cisco and others before launching SupportWizard in 1996.

Although we designed SupportWizard as a customer support and helpdesk application, it was so flexible that customers began extending it to meet their needs for Sarbanes Oxley audit management, CRM, asset management, and other applications.

We soon realized how much overlap there was between these enterprise applications. They all needed database connectivity, email integration, workflow, business rules, search functionality, graphical and statistical reports, data export/import and API connectors for integration, etc. Only the data model differed from program to program: the tables, fields and workflows were specific to each application.

We saw that if we could provide a way to define custom data models that automatically inherited all the other core functionality, it would be possible to create custom business applications without reinventing the wheel each time.

The key to success was enabling this deep customization without programming: The primary cause of failure for enterprise software implementations is that the software cannot be adapted to meet business requirements at a reasonable and predictable cost. Further, custom code makes systems very costly to maintain and upgrade.

The vision of Agiloft was to enable the creation of custom, enterprise-class business applications without programming. We leveraged J2EE as the foundation for the adaptive platform and then built out-of-the-box applications on top of it.

These solutions implement industry best practices and benefit from the years of experience we gained implementing a variety of solutions for our customers. Because they retain the full flexibility of the adaptive core, they can also be rapidly customized to meet any business need.

The result is that we are the only company able to boast of a 100% success rate and to back it up with an unconditional guarantee of success. We are proud to share both our product and our expertise with a rapidly expanding customer base.