You'll be amazed at what
you can do with it.

– Tim Hicks, ArcaTech

As an alternative to our SaaS service, you may host the system internally on your choice of OS using hardware from your preferred vendor, or you may purchase servers directly from us for deployments of over 25 power users.

  • Dual quad-core Intel E5 processors
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 32+G RAM
  • RAID 10 hard drive configuration

Detailed hardware recommendations are provided here.

Agiloft was designed to be both highly scalable and flexible. This combination requires a significant amount of RAM, but happily, that is no longer expensive.

Hotswap Redundant Servers

For installations with 25 or more staff licenses, we will configure pairs of Linux servers for full redundancy at no additional charge. These servers may be purchased directly from us or your preferred hardware provider.