Agiloft Summit 2019

Agiloft UniversityOctober 22nd

Get More Out of Agiloft

At Agiloft University you will get the hands-on training you need to get the most out of the Agiloft platform. With the Introductory and Advanced courses on October 22nd, everyone will get a chance to learn valuable Agiloft skills directly from our award-winning Implementation Team.

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Why Attend Agiloft University?

Learn to configure your system to streamline operations, increase revenue, and reduce risk.

Maximize Agiloft ROI by learning how to enhance usability, automate reporting, and expand user adoption.

Improve security and compliance with tutorials on advanced permissions, secure notifications, and other critical security features.

What Will You Learn?

At Agiloft University Introductory, you'll learn:

  • How to automate and empower your workflow, team, and organization with Agiloft
  • How to create advanced saved searches, table views, graphical elements, and other features to boost productivity and track key metrics
  • How to increase security while also automating key functions like notifications and document creation

At Agiloft University Advanced, you'll learn:

  • How to improve user adoption and best practices for usability and database management
  • Further utilize graphical elements, create powerful charts and reports, and configure business rules
  • How to utilize advanced configurations to tighten security, reduce risk, and ensure compliance with your Agiloft system

Agiloft University Curriculum


Power User: Power Up

Make the most of Agiloft's time saving features with personalized left panes, table views, sophisticated saved searches, user preferences, and shortcuts to boost productivity and enhance usability.

Build to Suit: Custom EUI

Learn how to add new functions and tables to your EUI, customized based on user roles, and how to add items like counters, graphical backgrounds, and other improvements to increase usability and user adoption.

Automate Task Management

Learn about the built-in functionality for automated task management, as it can be applied to projects, records, or other elements, increasing productivity and visibility of business processes.

Graphical Elements: Advanced

Dive deeper into how Agiloft's graphical elements can streamline key workflows and improve the Agiloft experience for both Power Users and End Users. Graphical elements discussed will include heat bars, diagrams, and other more advanced graphic elements and customizations.

Take Control of Roles and Permissions

Get a closer look at permission structures, including permissions for Groups, Teams, and Roles, and learn how you can increase privacy and security across your organization with strict permissions and data encryption.

Drill Down on Dashboards, Charts, and Reports

Learn to create Agiloft charts, reports, and dashboards with filters, numeric widgets, drill downs, and other customizations that help you monitor, quantify, and boost productivity.

Think Outside the Docx

Take a tour of Agiloft print templates from the simple to the complex and learn how to incorporate our tried-and-true methods to automate your most intricate contracts and documents.

Work Wonders with Rules

Dive deeper into the capabilities of Agiloft's powerful business rules engine and learn how to use rules to achieve automation and advanced actions.

Engage with Email Templates and SMS

Learn our best practices for Email Templates and SMS messages in Agiloft and customize your notifications to contacts within and outside of your organization while also maintaining a full audit trail and security with SSL.

Care for Your Database

Hear our best practices on database management, including history management, record maintenance, deleting and archiving, user management, and more to improve security and auditability while ensuring longevity of your Agiloft system.

Intro to Graphical Elements

Learn how Agiloft's graphical elements can boost productivity and enhance the Agiloft experience for both Power Users and End Users. Graphical elements discussed will include heat bars, diagrams, check boxes, images in table views, icons, and more.

Secure Your Organization

Attend this advanced tutorial to learn how to use 2FA, hyperlink settings, global variables, domain permissions, password field options, and more to enhance the security of your data, reduce risk, and ensure compliance with privacy and security regulations.