Agiloft Summit 2019

Conference SessionsOctober 23rd

During the Summit's general and breakout sessions you will learn about emerging trends from some of the industry's leading voices on automation, AI, and Agiloft-enabled business agility.

Agiloft Summit 2019 will have three tracks within our breakout sessions: Education, Product Innovation, and Business.

General Sessions

Pierre Mmitchell, Managing Director and Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters

Pierre Mitchell

Managing Director and Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters

Gaze into the future of contract and commerce lifecycle management (CCLM) with a presentation by Pierre Mitchell, Managing Director and Chief Research Officer for Azul Partners, Inc. and Spend Matters. With 25 years of procurement and supply chain experience, Pierre is a recognized expert in the procurement industry with a focus on identifying and sharing emerging strategies, practices, and digital capabilities that will deliver continuous improvement. He regularly contributes to business publications and is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world.

Stay tuned for more general session speaker announcements in the coming weeks.

Breakout Sessions


Sharpen your Agiloft skillset and learn best practices of system configuration, implementation, and strategies for better user adoption from Agiloft's award-winning Implementation Team.

Product Innovation

Peek under the hood in this product-focused track and learn about Agiloft's most innovative integrations as well as discover the future of Agiloft and how we are utilizing AI and machine learning to build a more intelligent and powerful platform.


Discuss today's leading business challenges, explore innovative ways customers meet these challenges with Agiloft, and learn how to measure the success of your Agiloft platform. This track will include sessions on Agiloft innovations, ROI, and key KPIs.