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Anything you want
Agiloft to do, it can do.

-Suzy Berman, Metrico Wireless

Agiloft provides Agile Business Software. We are using the word “agile” in its original meaning of "quick, adaptable, and resourceful," rather than referring to a particular software development methodology. In fact, one of the ways the Agiloft platform enables IT to become agile is by removing the need to write software at all.

With Agiloft, your organization can achieve true business agility, giving you a critical competitive edge in today's ever-evolving technology landscape. As Charles Darwin said, “It's not the strongest, nor the most intelligent who survive, but the most adaptable.”

Full No-Code engine for enterprise scalability


Agile Technology

The unparalleled adaptability of our no-code technology platform allows deep customization across the entire system using just the admin browser. So no one has to write custom code.

Agile Implementation

Rapid prototyping and iterative design, driven by user feedback, allows users to refine requirements based on real experience, not just a specification.

Agile Evolution

The system easily adapts to changing business needs because you are not locked into custom code. Free admin training empowers IT staff to update the system anytime, without consulting costs.


Enki needed a robust and integrated system for Support, Contract Management and CRM. They spent 6 man-months and several calendar years customizing NetSuite with over 50,000 lines of code to meet their needs before accepting that it was just not up to the challenge. Less than 10 days later, they had reproduced all of their required customizations and more within Agiloft – without writing a single line of code.

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Reduce implementation time

Eliminate the custom coding that accounts for 80% of the deployment time of traditional IT projects. With Agiloft, your project will go live faster than you ever thought possible.

Reduce short & long term TCO

Custom code is expensive to write, but it is even more expensive to maintain – especially once the original developers are gone. Agiloft easily adapts to evolving business needs without the headache and expense of updating legacy code.

Project Success

Agiloft is the only CLM company in the industry with the confidence to provide an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on the software. And we've got the track record to back it up.

Iterative Design Process

The reductions in implementation time and cost flow naturally from our agile platform. It is simply much faster to configure a system using drag-and-drop technology within a browser than it is through hand-coding, and no custom code means no custom bugs or security holes.

When design iterations can be accomplished in a matter of days or even a few hours, it becomes much more cost-effective to use an iterative design approach. A better final design is more likely to be reached, and to be reached faster, than using the old approach of building up a detailed, set-in-stone specification based on painful requirement gathering that takes place in the abstract.

What users say they want is often not what they actually need, but this only becomes clear when they can see and use a live system. Rewriting custom code to meet these adjusted requirements is very time-consuming and expensive. With Agiloft, the system can be quickly modified on the fly to meet users' evolving needs with no coding required.

Our ability to make rapid changes in response to user feedback is one of the reasons that we can provide the industry's only unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Agiloft's speed and flexibility, coupled with over a decade of experience, make our risk negligible. For more information, read this white paper on "How to Ensure the Success of IT Projects."


It's always great to be in a meeting discussing new features and functions that people would like to see and have them implemented within hours of the discussion.

Philip LeMaster, IT Manager at CSF International, Inc.

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Become Agile

Our goal is not just to provide agile software - it is to help your organization become agile. Free Agiloft administrator training and webinars are aimed at making your company self-sufficient, and the system is specifically designed to be easy to extend and maintain.

Microsoft CRM couldn't meet our unique needs, but Agiloft did so easily.

David Hlavac, Hot Topic Media

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Hot Topic Media

Additional Benefits


Agiloft has passed security audits from third-party security firms, Skyhigh Networks, and the U.S. Air Force, so you can be confident that your data is secure.


With enterprise deployments at organizations such as AT&T, Roche and the U.S. Air Force, Agiloft has proven itself scalable to meet the needs of the largest companies. Yet is so easy to adapt that it is also widely deployed by small businesses.


As you might expect from the product that Chevron uses for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, all the requirements for regulatory compliance and auditability are built in.

Careview Communications

Everyone had some flexibility, but definitely not even in the same ballpark as Agiloft.

Matt Clark, CareView Communications

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