Agiloft Benefits

With Agiloft, we came in on time and under budget

-Steve Bradley, MVTS Technologies


Why have hundreds of customers chosen Agiloft for their business automation needs?

Rapid Implementation – Agiloft’s prebuilt business process automation solutions implement industry best practices, and the adaptive technology core allows them to be configured to your exact needs in record time.

We asked other vendors how long it would take to create a custom table with half a dozen fields, define custom access groups, link it to the user table, define a workflow, add a few graphical charts, and import some data. Their answers ranged from “3 weeks” to “3 months” to “It cannot be done.” We will do it for you, live, in the course of a one hour demo.

Proven Expertise of our Staff – Our customers benefit from our 10+ years of experience designing and implementing custom business process automation solutions. We get you up and running in record time with a well designed implementation. Then we turn over the reins to your staff in a smooth transition that eliminates the need for ongoing consulting costs.

Elimination of Risk – There are many risks involved in purchasing new software. Everything about Agiloft is designed to minimize your risk, especially the risk of ending up with something that doesn’t work for your business. Our 100% unconditional guarantee on license costs is unprecedented. We are the only company that can make such a guarantee, because we are the only company with a perfect track record of success.

A Perfect Fit Without Compromise – Agiloft gives you the best of both worlds – an affordable, rapidly deployed solution that is completely customizable to fit your business processes like a glove. There is no need to choose between a packaged application that doesn’t fit and an expensive custom solution. With Agiloft, you get the best of both worlds in a no-compromise solution that will dynamically adapt as your business grows and evolves in the future.

Adaptive, Limitless Technology Platform – It is all made possible by the no-code adaptive technology platform that we have built on top of EJB and the years of experience that went into the product design. The extensibility and scalability of the platform allow you to rest assured that you will not outgrow the product as your needs change or your company grows.

SaaS or On Premise – You Decide – With Agiloft, you can move between a hosted solution on our infrastructure to an in-house solution at any time, effortlessly. There is no need to lock yourself in to one option or the other.

Ease of Integration – Standard integration such as Email, Exchange, LDAP, and Single Sign-On work out of the box without any programming. When you need integration with custom software, such as your own home-grown backend system, Agiloft has the API’s that make such integration as easy as can be.

A CIO’s Dream Solution – CIOs concerned with cutting costs and improving efficiency have already proven the benefits of consolidating the automation of their critical business processes on a single, easy-to-extend platform. When you consider Agiloft’s elimination of risk, affordability, flexibility, and extensibility, it is an easy decision.