Adaptive Risk Free Software

We succeed where others fail because we built the entire company – not just the software, but also the infrastructure, consulting services and support around the single goal of ensuring your success. The results are proven through our track record with hundreds of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50 giants.

It is this track record that gives us the confidence to offer the CLM industry’s only 100% unconditional guarantee of success on our software. Of course this takes a great product, but the core software is just the start.

How We Ensure Success

100% Adaptive Technology – Agiloft is the only product suite built on 100% adaptive technology, so that the data model, business rules, and workflows can be configured to your exact needs, without programming. This addresses the single greatest cause of failure in other products – they are too difficult to customize to your exact requirements. Agiloft’s unique platform makes everything possible.

Rapid Implementations – Because your system can be configured without programming, implementing it is lightning fast. That’s why we can offer an affordable fixed-price quote for your deployment. Plus, you can extend the system in the future using just your browser as your needs evolve.

Proven Expertise – With over ten years of experience, our professional services team has handled every kind of deployment, and you benefit from their expertise and efficiency.

Industry Best Practices – Our experience and our customers’ experience is reflected both in the best practices that are built into our pre-configured applications and the expertise we provide when configuring them to your particular needs.

The Right Design – With Agiloft’s flexibility and power, you can do almost anything you want; however, the fact that you can do something doesn’t automatically dictate that you should. We have the experience to determine the options that will work best for you. Together with your team, we will design a solution that not only meets your business objectives but is easy to use and maintain.

Self Interest – Other companies may be able to afford to allow a few customers’ implementations to de-rail. Agiloft cannot. The reason for this is not only financial. It is true that if we fail to perform to our customers’ satisfaction, we will forfeit our claims to monetary compensation, but more importantly, our perfect track record is on the lineat stake., and a At Agiloft we believe in protecting our excellent reputation. If Agiloft is not the right solution for your organization, we will promptly tell you at the outset of our discussions rather than make a sale that could damage our stellar track record.

Agiloft Provides a Complete No-Risk Solution

Security – An independent security firm executes regular audits of our software security.

The system supports unlimited custom groups and provides fine-grained access control down to the record and field level for complete process and data access control.

With our sophisticated security model, your worldwide staff, customers, partners, suppliers, and affiliates can access their information 24/7 with full security, and you can enjoy a 360-degree view of your business.

Scalability – We built the adaptive platform on top of the EJB standard for enterprise scalability, connectivity and cross-platform compatibility. The result is a system that easily supports a company the size of Chevron, that handles a database of 10 million records as easily as 50,000, that can generate over 250,000 records per hour on commodity hardware and that will fully leverage new advances in hardware and software technology.

Hybrid SaaS – Agiloft supports the Hybrid SaaS model, meaning that it is available both as a pure SaaS service and and as an on-premise deployment behind your firewall if you need tight integration with sensitive back-end systems.

Easy Upgrades – Upgrades are safe and easy. You won’t lose any of your customizations by upgrading to the next version. Watch the upgrade video.

Redundant Infrastructure – With a redundant SaaS infrastructure, we offer the industry’s strongest uptime guarantee.