We built a custom product in 4 weeks

-Steve Chipman, LexNet

If you want to build a business process application, without suffering the time-consuming and expensive process of hand coding, then Agiloft can help you reach your goal on-time and under-budget.

Agiloft is a platform for creating pure web-based applications. Built on J2EE to leverage the billion dollar investment made by companies such as IBM and Oracle, it integrates all the core functionality needed by enterprise-class products and keeps costs low by leveraging an open-source technology stack.

Agiloft makes it possible to develop a custom product in a matter of weeks or even days, without writing a line of code. The result is an enterprise-class application with built-in support for functionality such as workflow and business rules, automatic backups, web services, integrated email and reporting. Read about how to develop and distribute your own Software as a Service products.

The vision was born at an industry conference when we noticed how much overlap there was between various enterprise applications. They all needed database connectivity, email integration, workflow, business rules, search functionality, graphical and statistical reports, data export/import and API connectors for integration. Only the data model differed from program to program: the tables, fields and workflows specific to each program. If we could provide a mechanism for defining custom data models that automatically inherited all the other core functionality, it would be possible to create custom business applications without reinventing the wheel each time. This was the vision that became Agiloft – all the core functionality of enterprise applications made available without coding.

Seven years later, after man-centuries of development and testing, over 2,000,000 lines of code and hundreds of successful deployments, the results
are in. Companies worldwide have successfully created and deployed Agiloft for a wide and growing range of applications: Contract management, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, CRM, enterprise task management, auditing, system monitoring, CoCom export compliance and more – all using the same set of core code.

Agiloft is rather like the Mac operating system — a lot of time and effort has been put into making sophisticated technology seem easy – making it possible to build enterprise-class SaaS applications to serve particular industry verticals in a matter of weeks. The resulting product can be deployed as an on-demand service or installed behind a customer’s firewall on their choice of a Linux or Windows server.

Four Levels of Customization

Agiloft provides four levels of customization ranging from a drag and drop browser interface all the way down to scripting and REST/WS API’s.

Browser-based drag and drop customization

Enterprise-class business applications can be built using only drag and drop. For example, the ManuLogic application was built in less than 40 hours.

Custom GUI templates

A completely custom look and feel can be created using tools such as DreamWeaver or Fusion. Simply insert XML tags for the program elements such as a login block, tables, status messages, etc. Creating a custom GUI takes less than a week.


For highly customized business logic and interaction with backend or legacy systems, scripts written in languages such as PERL or JavaBeans can be invoked whenever necessary. Web Service access is available to all data records and the GUI even generates sample WS code in Java and .NET compatible formats. For customers hosting the solution on their own machines, the database structures are documented via the GUI JDBC/ODBC access.

Java API

For ultimate flexibility, REST and Web Service API’s, Perl and Java scripting and the full set of Java APIs are available.