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The following tutorial videos were created for Agiloft’s legacy product, Enterprise Wizard.

Archived Demo Videos

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Sales Manager

Create and implement effective strategies that increase revenue and retain customers with these sophisticated process management tools. (7:52)

Document Manager

Manage, edit, track, and audit your company's documents throughout their entire lifecycle. (3:45)

Archived Tutorials

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Agiloft makes it easy to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and Government auditability requirements by maintaining a complete audit trail for every interaction. (4:11)

Changing the Tab Order of the Left Pane

Improve efficiency for your staff users by changing the order of menus and tables in the left pane. (0:59)

Creating Charts and Dashboards

Agiloft charts and dashboards offer valuable operational insight. Get started in less than three minutes. (2:57)

Using Staff Home Pages

Learn how to set up a staff home page and improve user productivity. (17:16)

Filter Linked Records

Learn how to create complex criteria to filter linked records. (5:04)

Controlling the Look and Feel after the Spring 2009 Upgrade

The Spring 2009 release significantly improved control over the look and feel of the interface. Watch now to see the GUI changes and learn how to use the new options. (8:05)

Setting up Rules

Automate repetitive actions and provide consistency in your business processes with custom business rules. (4:41)

Setting up Linked Fields

Custom table and external database linkages eliminate data duplication and automate business relationships. (4:01)

Providing Debug Info

How to send a debug log to our support department. (1:54)

Setting up Data Driven Dependent Choices

How to set up choice fields whose values are driven by another table. (14:16)

Upgrading on Windows and Unix

Upgrade Agiloft using six mouse clicks, including full data migration and integrity checking (no sound). (1:26)

Building a Custom Application

Learn how to create a functional travel expense report application from scratch. (24:50)

Request Your Free License

After downloading Agiloft, the first thing to do is request and install your free licenses. This does not apply to the SaaS hosted edition. (2:34)

Managing Licenses

Learn how to manage staff licenses in Agiloft. (2:58)