Connected Experiences

Your organization’s contracts are a tremendous source of untapped value. Agiloft’s Connected Experiences is the key to unlocking that value and moving CLM from legal technology to enterprise technology.

In any organization, a significant number of people and departments greatly benefit from access to contract data. Yet many companies keep contracts fenced off in their legal departments, stuck in a dead-end repository like the digital equivalent of paper documents buried in a filing cabinet. Savvy companies understand that contract data represents a vital digital asset—the virtual DNA of their organization, defining the shape, direction and essence of every critical relationship that drives their business forward.

The Agiloft Contract Lifecycle Management system is a bridge that connects your team members with the essential contract data and process they need, transforming CLM from Legal Tech to Enterprise Tech.

A Connection Engine

Creating connectivity through contract data is a fundamental strength of Agiloft.

The Agiloft Connected Experience builds on a network of interconnected stakeholders providing direct access to a rich vein of contract data. By bringing accessibility and visibility, Agiloft is a dynamic connection engine that links teams with valuable data — enabling them to do their jobs faster, more efficiently, and more reliably.

A Connection Engine

CLM Without Compromise

Agiloft’s CLM unleashes the full potential of your contract data to an entire ecosystem of employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. Instead of remaining locked behind a wall, your contract data surges throughout the organization, ensuring that the people who need that data stay aware and up-to-date on critical obligations, needs, and deadlines. Stakeholders with a wide range of functions can take full advantage of Agiloft’s remarkably flexible and scalable platform.

The data and knowledge shared through the Agiloft Connected Experience expand collaboration across functions, strengthen relationships, and deliver superior results. Teams become more agile, informed, and productive with contract data at their fingertips in systems they know and trust.

CLM Without Compromise

The Agiloft Contract Lifecycle Management system is a bridge that connects your team members with the essential contract data and process they need, transforming CLM from Legal Tech to Enterprise Tech.

Agiloft's Connected Experience for Microsoft Teams

Agiloft’s new integration with Microsoft Teams keeps your team up to date and accelerates the contract signature process in a powerhouse tool for collaboration and communication.

  • Approve contracts with one click
  • Receive critical updates and notifications directly from Microsoft Teams to reduce your approval cycle time

Agiloft's Connected Experience for Microsoft Office 365

Agiloft CLM users can reduce cycle time from contract creation to approval through Agiloft’s integration with Microsoft 365, the cloud service with the most users worldwide.

  • Deploy Agiloft’s newly designed Contract Assistant for Word to create automated document templates, build a clause library, and provide guidance to improve negotiations─with all data organized, tagged, and synchronized to the Agiloft system.
  • While working in Microsoft Word, expedite contract review and negotiation─the Agiloft AI analyzes contracts, identifies terms and clauses, and syncs with the contract record.
  • Easily track and audit contracts by linking Outlook email with contract records on a PC, Mac, or Outlook Web.

Agiloft Connected Experiences for Sales

Empower your sales team and close deals quickly with Agiloft’s new Salesforce Managed Package or Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector.

  • Generate standard contracts with a single click
  • Create, negotiate, get approvals, and send contracts out for e-signatures right from your Salesforce or Dynamics 365 program
  • Quickly access the most up-to-date, pre-approved standard clause language.

  • Simplify contract-signing with Adobe Sign and DocuSign e-signature functions integrated into the Agiloft platform
  • Collaborate with customers and prospects to negotiate and approve contracts in real-time with Agiloft Workspaces

Agiloft Connected Experiences for Business Intelligence, Finance, and Accounting

Agiloft’s CLM supports diverse functions across departments, from projecting cash flow based on contract commitments and increasing oversight of financial risk to enhancing negotiation, approval, and signature workflows.

  • Visualize contract data to make better decisions with the new Tableau connector
  • Keep your finance and accounting teams updated on committed and conditional revenues and expenses

Agiloft Connected Experiences for Purchasing

Integrating the Agiloft CLM with ERP and Source to Contract system gives your purchasing team the ability to speed up the procurement process, negotiate more-effective deals, streamline supplier onboarding and track vendor performance.

  • Collaborate with suppliers and your sourcing team to negotiate and approve contracts in real-time
  • Ensure the most up-to-date information on your suppliers is always available
  • Reduce source-to-contract cycle time and improve compliance by automating the execution of contract terms in your order management, purchasing, and invoicing systems

Build strong connections through the tremendous power of your contract data.
Tap into Agiloft’s Connected Experiences.