May 2014 Release Notes. Version 6 R7

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69 Eliminated support for the horizontal toolbar staff interface We have eliminated support for the horizontal toolbar staff interface. The default scheme for the Look&Feel is the vertical toolbar interface.

For some customers, who may still be using the old horizontal interface, we provide a pop-up warning message as soon as a user logs into the horizontal interface.
Warning: Your primary team still uses the horizontal table layout, which is no longer supported. Some of the UI components in it may not be compatible with the new interface. We strongly recommend changing the Layout in the Look and Feel editor as follows:

Setup > Look&Feel > Manage Staff Schemes: Edit the Look and Feel that you are using, select Vertical Toolbar at the bottom of the Global tab and then click Finish.

The new layout only takes a few minutes to get used to and provides better performance and appearance. Here is a video that explains it:

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12 Agiloft KnowledgeBase export file optimization Performed some export optimization. KnowledgeBase export files now use less memory throughput and temporary disk storage (by ~30% excluding attached files) by using shorter column aliases in data files.
13 Conversion of different file data types expanded There are two types of attached file field in Agiloft. The older file field did not permit version control. The new standard file type allows versioning and checkin control. Old file fields can be updated to the new type by editing the field and clicking a button to update it.

However, there are some cases where the old file field may still be desired (it is used for Docusign files). In order to better support Docusign file handling, we have added the ability in conversion to map the old non-versioned file field type to the newer versioned file field type.
17 New option 'Compare KBs' Implemented a new option called 'Compare KBs'. It is available in the admin console via Setup > Debugging > Compare KBs.

Any two KBs located on the same server may be compared by defining one of them as the source KB, and the other one as the target KB. The comparison will produce an Excel report listing all of the differences, as a downloadable link.

Differences are organized by the type of item, i.e. Tables, Fields, Choices, Rules, Actions, Searches, Groups, Teams, Email Templates, Data Conversion, and Views. These items are displayed on separate tabs in the Excel file.

If either the target or the source KB is broken and cannot be compared correctly, the system will report this damage so that the admin may ask Agiloft Support for assistance.
19 Credit card processing added as new feature - BETA New integration with enables Agiloft to handle individual and recurring credit card transactions and to integrate billing and payments into an existing Agiloft system. This functionality is currently in BETA. If you are interested in trying it as a beta user, please contact your sales person. Detailed documentation will be provided once it moves from Beta to production use.
24 Conversion of one record to multiple records for attached files or multichoice field We have implemented the ability to convert one record to multiple records in the target table. The purpose of this enhancement is to enable conversion of one record that contains a multi-choice field or an attached file field holding multiple files into multiple records in the new table.

For instance, a contract might have an attached file field with multiple attachments, and conversion may now be used to automatically create multiple records in the Documents table, each holding one of the attachments.

Multiple records may also be created for each value of a multi-choice field.

This functionality is limited to only conversions that are run by actions or rules in the background, without bringing up the new record screen for editing. If it is misconfigured to run with the new record screen, an error message will result.

A new option is added at the bottom of the last tab of the Conversion wizard:

Create one record for each value in this field:
<list of attached file fields and multi-choice fields >

When the conversion runs, the records are created based on the values or files in the selected field.

The Conversion wizard now allows the user to map from a file field that holds multiple files to a field that holds only one, as well as from a multi-choice field to a single choice field.
26 Ability to customize NLS translation Previously it was not possible to make changes to the general program text wording that would be retained upon upgrade without asking Agiloft to build those changes into the version-controlled text. Now it is possible to save your own changes to the general program text and have those changes retained during any upgrade. These changes will apply to all Knowledgebases on the server, and are therefore not available to hosted customers unless they are running on a dedicated server.

An option has been added to the admin console under Setup/ Import:

Program Translation

This option is used to upload changes to the gui2properties program translation file that will be retained during KB upgrades.

Download the Program translation file (gui2properties in the language you wish to change) and create a new file that just contains translations for those symbolic strings that you want to replace. This will overwrite those strings in the master file.

When you’re finished translating the language file, you can upload it here so that the translations are visible in the user interface.

Note that the file has to contain ASCII characters only, but the translation should be in Unicode format. Non-ASCII characters e.g. symbols or glyphs of local alphabets should be encoded using a \uXXXX escape sequence where X is a hexadecimal digit. For example, the file might have the following entries:

•s1=hello there
Note that empty strings in the file are skipped as elements that have not been translated.
35 New Demo Cleanup Action in the Admin Console Introduced a new action to delete all of the demo data with the press of a button. It runs from the admin console of the Knowledgebase.

The new action is available by logging into the admin console, clicking on Knowledgebases > clicking the Edit icon of the relevant KB. On the Rename/Edit tab, you will see a button for "Delete Demo Data." The user can choose to delete all the demo data update rules as well as all records in all tables in which the Demo Data field = Yes.

38 Common area columns are now aligned with columns on the first layout tab The columns in the common area on a form are now aligned with the columns on the first tab. The fields in the common area do not refresh as the other tabs are accessed, so they are intentionally not aligned with the later tabs.
42 Added new option for Question display in Survey Presentation fields Previously neither the Question Description, nor the Survey Presentation fields had options to control their appearance on the form. As a result, if the question text was very large and/or the question answer field was wide, then it could lead to strange results.

We introduced a new parameter for the Survey Presentation field, available on the Display tab as: "Wrap questions text after the specified length (in chars)." It is recommended to set it to a larger number for a better display.
49 Further optimization of DB indexes Optimized the DB index set for FTS searches. The size of the FTS tablespace is reduced.
64 Agiloft Sync - pushing tables and structure from one KB into another Implemented the ability to transfer tables, fields and other items from one KB to another, pushing all changes into the target KB. A 'Sync' item is added to the staff interface Setup page.

The Sync table displayed contains all available entity sets and saved sync configurations. Users may create entity sets according to needs, and then add to an entity set any tables, fields, saved searches, rules, actions, views etc. After adding some tables and fields, other tables and fields may be added to the entity set automatically. It is not recommended to remove them, because desired items may depend on automatically added fields, searches etc. If the user tries to remove some items from an entity set, and the system detects that some dependency may be broken as result of the removal, a warning message is displayed so that the user may cancel or confirm removal.

Using a saved entity set, the admin may export selected items either to an export file (carrier KB) or to another KB on the same server.

The pushing of changes from one KB to another is a very complex and sensitive task, given the complete customizability of Agiloft. A complex sync should be run first in a development system and the result thoroughly tested before applying it to a production system.
68 Ability to select multiple files to be uploaded simultaneously in the Attach/Manage dialogue Implemented the ability to select multiple files before clicking the Attach button without having to click on the "Browse" button for each file. Now when you click "Attach File(s)" (instead of Browse), you may select one or more files and click the "Open" button to have them all uploaded.
74 Variable added to permit Javascript code in print templates Introduced a new global variable called "Security: Permit Javascript" for print templates. The default value is No. If the value is set to Yes, then Javascript code is permitted within a print template, and such code will not be cleaned up automatically upon saving the print template.
78 HTML text format added for Question Description type fields Added the ability to use the built-in HTML editor for multi-line text for the question data type, in order be able to construct more complex questions with pictures, html links, etc.
79 Added new action bar to enable multi-value link to selected fields from an external DB Previously, there was no action bar available for a multiple value enabled link to selected fields in external DB tables in the record edit mode, so it was not possible to link to multiple records in the external source table.

We have enabled the use of multiple records held in an external database by implementing a "related table" type action bar that has nothing except the lookup to select one or more records and the Unlink option.
82 Email hyperlinks to view a record now have custom exit options available Email hotlink functionality has been improved. We have added specific exit options when a hyperlink opens a record for viewing instead of editing:

83 Preventing auto-modification of original email content when replying or forwarding emails The logic of variable substitution was changed in an email thread so that the original email is ignored when replacing field variables with content.

Previously, if the customer sent an inbound email to the system with content that contained the text: $id, $date_created, $status, and $priority, and if email parsing was not enabled, then the inbound content was stored and displayed 'as is', i.e. the system correctly did not treat the variables in the inbound email as Agiloft variables and did not replace them with values.

But if a staff user replied to such an email, the system changed the content of the quoted original email in the reply, replacing the valid variables with field values.

This logic has been changed. Now the system will not modify the original content this way, i.e. the system will not replace part of the original email text with field values.
84 Ability to strip out excess text in email from address when mapping inbound email

Previously, If a user sent an email to an inbound account to create a record, and the from address was mapped into a linked email field that is part of a strict link, the link was broken if the email client's from address included the name: i.e. John Smith. The correct user was selected and the record created, but if the record was edited, the user got an error message because the email address did not match the source record.

A new option has been added to Setup > Email > Configure Inbound Email. On the Record Mapping tab, a 'Strip out' option is available. It has two possible selections:

The second option is selected by default. If the "Strip out" option is selected, then only the email address itself is stored. This resolves the matching problem with the email address stored in the user record.

93 Default size of the reusable temp tables pool is increased Default size of the reusable temp tables pool used by FTS increased to 60, allowing better FTS/auto-completion response times under high load.
94 New display type for linked fields - source field without lookup Implemented a new display type for linked fields, called 'View only source field display'.

It is implemented for cases where you don't want users to see a lookup icon, and was designed especially for linked file or image fields that are brought in as part of a set of linked fields. Previously the file link or the image had a lookup next to it, which could be confusing. This display type eliminates the lookup.

"View only source field" display provides the standard display for the source field's data type, in a view only mode without the ability to look up a different record.
99 DocuSign integration

Agiloft now provides embedded integration with DocuSign. This DocuSign integration allows easy, efficient, and secure signing of electronic documents.
DocuSign helps users process contracts more efficiently with an easy, fast, and secure way to send, sign, and track documents in the cloud.

A new menu item called DocuSign Extension is added to the Setup > System page in the staff interface.

Click Deploy/Configure to enable/configure the extension.

The DocuSign User Manual describes in detail the process of deploying and using this feature. To download the doc, go to docusign_users_manual.pdf.

107 MS Outlook encapsulated message attachments are given file extensions before storing MS Outlook encapsulated message attachments do not have file names associated with them, so Agiloft used to store them as a file name with a sequence of numbers without any extension when mapped to an attached file field. This posed a problem while trying to open such files on the client system, as most email clients expect some extension to associate it as an email message.

With this enhancement, such encapsulated messages are stored with the extension *.eml, making it easier for email clients to identify them as an email message.
109 Export sessions no longer time out The system behavior has been changed for export sessions so they will not time out. Previously when doing a large export of records, the export was halted if the session timed out due to inactivity.

Now the default behavior is to keep the session open until the export has completed. The session is terminated only when a user clicks on the logout link manually. This enables a user to export millions of records without session expiration.
110 It is now possible to open multiple email dialogues concurrently Usability of the email dialogue is improved by adding the possibility to open multiple email dialogues for different records while working with these records.

Email dialogues may be opened while editing a record using the Email icon on the record Edit form, by clicking a New Email on the related (Communications) table, and via an action button that brings up an email template to fill in.
112 Reduced time of table unavailability due to DDL lock Significantly reduced the amount of time large tables are unavailable during administrative changes to linked fields. The write-lock on the table is cleared immediately after the DDL operation completes, so other users can work with the table while the new linked fields are being updated.
116 Multi-choice field search comparison to single choice field now possible Implemented comparing a multi-choice field to a choice field and vice versa.

The 'equals' condition requires complete matching of values, i.e. the choice and multi-choice fields have one value each, and these values are the same.

The 'contains' or "is contained in" condition means that one of the selected values in the multi-choice field is the same as the selected value in the choice field being compared to.

The conditions 'less than/more than' are undefined and work as not-equal. The conditions 'less than or equal to' and 'more than or equal to' are undefined and work as equal.

If both fields are empty, i.e. nothing is selected in the multi-choice and the choice fields, they will satisfy the conditions 'equal' and 'contains'.

While this kind of search is fast for if-then-else actions, it is resource intensive / slow as a string search for general database searches.
117 Embedded images in inbound emails now remain embedded Previously, embedded images in inbound emails were saved as individual attachments. The parsing logic has been changed, and they are now stored in the email content field along with regular text, as part of the email body, provided the field is defined to be large enough to hold them.
125 General security is improved Improved general system security by correctly processing load balancers and proxies behavior in relation to making cookies more secure.
382 New option makes it easy to rearrange the row order in a Saved Search There is a new arrow icon that can be moused over to the left of the rows in a saved search. Clicking the icon will move that search row up by one row. This allows a new condition to be added to the end of a search and moved into the appropriate position higher in the search without having to restructure the search:

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8 Nginx is upgraded for this release Nginx will be upgraded to 1.0.1g with the Agiloft upgrade to this release so that it protects against the Heartbleed vulnerability described at
9 Corrected Display/Action bar setting for links to selected fields with multiple values enabled Fixed a problem with displaying the action bar specifically defined for links to selected fields with multiple values enabled. Previously the system ignored the setting to include a specifically defined action bar and displayed the default action bar. Now these fields will display the action bar correctly according to the display settings.
10 Corrected default permissions of admin user By default, the admin group should have permission to do anything. Previously some permissions were deselected on new table creation - for example, using all print templates, and creating and modifying all templates. This has been corrected so that the admin user has all permissions for new tables.
11 Accented characters (diacritical characters) in Charts/Reports Fixed a problem with displaying accented characters in the title and description of Charts/Reports. Now these characters are displayed correctly.
14 Database deadlock error message is improved Previously, the system reported an exception error during record creation or edit if there was a database deadlock. Now the system provides a more user-friendly error message.
16 Integration with Quickbooks Fixed a problem with running the QB Web Connector with the Agiloft application installed. Now it's possible to synchronize data between the Agiloft KB and Quickbooks files, if the Agiloft KB has the necessary infrastructure.
18 MIN/MAX functions corrected for field of type "Calculated result" Previously, there was a problem with calculated result fields if the field contained nested MIN or MAX statements as part of the formula. The problem has been fixed so that formulas with MIN and MAX are parsed without errors, and the result is correct.
20 Next month button in date selection pop-up is corrected Previously there was a problem with the date selection pop-up (calendar) for inputting the date into a date/time field. Attempting to look at the next month by clicking the ">" ("next Month") icon caused the calendar to jump 2 months forward if the current date was at the end of the current month. This has been corrected, and now the arrow icon correctly causes the pop-up to go forward by 1 calendar month.
21 Using Save/New now works properly when creating records in Related Tables Fixed an error caused by clicking Save/New when creating a record in a related table. Now the Save/New button works properly.
22 'Translate online' option is removed Unsupported option 'Translate online' is removed from Options tab of Localization wizard.
23 Currency import from Excel file enabled Fixed an error on importing Currency data from an Excel spreadsheet into a floating field in Agiloft. Now Currency data with thousands(grouping) separators and decimal digits may be correctly imported to Agiloft.
25 Records are now deselected after executing an action from the action bar Previously, when a user executed custom actions (based on action buttons) from the action bar on selected records, those records remained selected after the actions ran. If the user did not deselect these records afterward, this could lead to other actions being run unintentionally on these records. Now records are deselected automatically after actions have been run on them from the action bar.
27 Fixed error on adding summary information based on a date field to a report Fixed a problem with adding summary data to a grouping element in a report that was based on a calculation on a date field. Now it may be added and correctly saved.
29 Fixes to gradients for admin interface table headers Previously the gradient was not applied correctly to the display of some tables in the admin Setup wizard, such as Setup > End-User Interface, Setup > FAQs, Setup > System > Manage Global Variables. It is now corrected, and the gradient is correctly displayed for these tables.
33 Fixes in Mobile/ADA interface Improved usability of the Mobile/ADA interface. Сorrected the email wizard for Mobile/ADA, fixed some issues in running Saved Searches, refreshing linked fields, and creation of records in related tables. Fixed exception on using "Reply to Email." Page navigation and counting of records were also optimized, and are now faster.
34 Run-time filter in charts in Mobile/ADA Interface Fixed a problem with reports that have run-time filters in the Mobile (low-res) interface. Such reports didn't prompt for the run-time inputs and then generated a chart but did not allow the user to see the Excel or HTML versions of the report. Run-time filters now work correctly in the mobile interface, and reports are generated correctly.
36 Corrected question import from file by requiring uniqueness Corrected some issues with importing questions from Excel files. Previously there was a problem with importing questions that had the same question text. When importing questions, the system built survey definitions based on the question text instead of names. This problem caused the appearance of extra questions in some surveys.

The issue is fixed by requiring uniqueness for the combination of the question's Text and its Internal Notes field value. If a new question record is created with a non-unique value of those two fields, the user receives an error message:

41 Language choices are now limited by the Team's Language selection Fixed a bug in language restriction that resulted in showing all languages to all users. Now the list of languages available is restricted to those languages selected for the user's teams. This restriction is enforced in both the EUI and the Staff interfaces.

If a team does not have a language other than English selected, then users on the team cannot see any other languages on the language dropdown.
44 Overly long choice values are truncated upon entry When creating a new value in a choice list, choice values are truncated immediately if they are longer than the maximum length (99 characters). Previously they were truncated without warning after saving, which was confusing and unexpected for users.
48 Fixed exception on adding a column to a linked field Corrected a linked field modification process which caused an exception error when an admin tried to modify a linked field where the first modification was not completed. With new exclusive locks introduced, an attempt to save a linked field of a table before the completion of the previous change results in the correct error message:

"Timeout waiting for DDL lock on table, please try again later. Lock(s) held by admin."
53 Logout is prevented when DDL operation is in progress Logout is not possible any more when a DDL operation (changing the database structure by adding or removing a field) is in progress. This was implemented to avoid incomplete DDL rollbacks and KnowledgeBase damage. For the same reason, seances will no longer expire due to timeout when running a DDL operation.
56 Corrected Internet Explorer 11 issues Corrected browser-specific problems for Internet Explorer 11 related to workflow.
57 Corrected display of the staff home page widget for 'Show all my assigned records' Fixed a display problem of the 'My Assigned' results in a special widget, which displayed results for only one table. The widget 'Show all my assigned records' now displays the 'My Assigned' results for all tables.
58 Running an action via an action button with the 'Execute workflow actions' option deselected Corrected a logic error on running an action via an action button. Now, if the 'Execute workflow actions' is deselected for a Workflow status change action, then the action button click does not trigger the actions. If the action button contains two actions, the first of which triggers actions and the second of which does not, then the whole action button does not trigger consequent actions since it takes into account the setting 'run or do not run workflow actions' from the last action in the action button's actions list.
59 Fixed several new issues with the latest release of Chrome browser The "Send email' button is corrected so that it works in Chrome.
Fixed incorrect message 'You already have this record open for edit' for cases when a user actually closed the record.
The Related table data is displayed appropriately now.
An exception on 'Edit' double-click is fixed.
70 Linked Field propagation timeout is extended Extended the transaction timeout for linked field default value updates when new fields are added to a linked field set. This prevents situations where a newly added column is not populated with the correct value because of a transaction timeout and remains empty.
73 Enabled icon selection in views for non-admin users Non-admin users may now select icon images when customizing their personal view to add an icon column. The image selection pop-up 'Define Notification Icons', which was blank for non-admin users previously, now correctly works for non-admin users.
75 Excel reports can now be included in Combined reports Previously, the filtered list of reports for Summary/Combined Report creation only displayed other reports that included a chart. This problem is fixed, so that combined reports' components are no longer limited to including only reports with charts.
76 Fixed several Layout inconsistencies Fixed several layout issues, which include: corrected label wrapping control, corrected alignment of type 'Align rows with same number of columns', corrected wrapping and spacing of multi-choice fields, and corrected vertical alignment and spacing of fields.
77 Fixed label for link to single field with multiple values enabled from an External DB Fixed a problem displaying labels for a link to single field with multiple values enabled drawn from an external DB table on record view and edit. Now the labels are displayed correctly.
85 Fixed exception on viewing records with too many records in related table The processing of records with embedded Related Tables with a very large number of records is improved. Fixed exception on viewing records with too many linked records.
86 Fixed LDAP error handling when DN value is inconsistent with user login When an LDAP-based login triggers user record creation and that creation fails due to a unique constraint violation (a field in the user record that is required to be unique is not unique after the LDAP mapping), we now show a detailed error message instead of an exception.

The correct message is also displayed on user record creation and update in the Contacts table if the LDAP flag is set to Yes and the DN value is inconsistent with the user login.
87 Fixed error on saving a print template due to incorrect file format Previously if a user uploaded an excel file instead of a MS Word file to a print template, an attempt to save produced an exception.

Now a more user-friendly error message is displayed.
88 Corrected inbound parsing to ignore broken or corrupt message Previously, the system could stop processing further inbound emails when failing to process a corrupt or bogus message.

This behavior has been corrected, and the pool is now processed normally even if there is a broken or bogus message in the folder.
89 Corrected run-time filters used on a linked multi-value field Corrected behavior of Saved Searches that include run-time filters on a multiple value enabled Linked Field. Previously they did not find the correct results. Now they do.
90 Corrected view of visibility-dependent multi-value linked fields in EUI Fixed frame size recalculation for visibility-dependent fields. This fix prevents the incorrect display of related tables and multi-value linked fields in the EUI in cases where their visibility depends on another field value.
92 Fixed SOD error on team removal Fixed exception error that appeared on attempts to delete a team in special cases.
95 Prevention of internal DB lock on chat Double-clicking in a chat window was causing internal database locks. This is now prevented. This optimization also generally improves chat response.
96 Preserving changes to choice values for Questions during export/import Modifications to choice lists used by a "question" record were not being saved properly when question records were exported or imported. The problem has been fixed so that such special choice items are now preserved when importing data to or from questionnaire fields.
97 Fixed End user interface search block behavior Fixed a problem in the End user interface in which the old search filter remained active even when the search was deselected.

Now if the search box is cleared, the GO button returns all permitted records as the search result.
102 Fixed logic when clicking Cancel on a validation pop-up for date fields In very special cases - when using a validation check on a date field in which a team's working hours are involved - the change to the date field that triggered the validation message was saved even after the user clicked Cancel in response to the validation message.

That error has been fixed.
103 Processing email with attachments from a contact without a login Corrected inbound email parsing in cases where the sender's email is found in a contact record without a login, and the email has attachments. Attachments from senders with Null logins are now processed correctly.
104 SoD on enabling webservices Fixed an exception on clicking 'Enable Webservices' in Setup > System.
106 Agiloft Outlook plugin is now compatible with MS Outlook 2013 Fixed error in installing the Outlook plugin on MS Outlook 2013.
108 Email dialogue prevented from unnecessary refreshing Fixed a problem with excessive screen refreshing in cases when the communication table has custom fields of a certain type.
111 Corrected time import into Agiloft for fields using AM/PM 12 hour clock display EwDateTimeConvertor incorrectly used the 24-hour time pattern instead of 12-hour time pattern for strings with AM/PM which effectively caused the import to lose the AM/PM part and result in time that was off by 12 hours.

The problem has been corrected, and time is now imported from files correctly in excel format.
113 MSSQL support improvements Agiloft performance under MSSQL is improved. History check/quick repair/full repair under MSSQL now work without exception. Fixed time filters logic for MS SQL - now time filters in Saved Search return the correct result.
114 Saving marketing campaign option in email template dialogue Fixed a problem in which the email marketing campaign name was lost when opening an email template for edit. Now it is correctly saved with the email template, and displayed on template opening.
115 Fixed error on selecting 'user' in Calendar Fixed an error on selecting the 'user' radio button in the Calendar for cases where the User list contains more than 100 users. Now the screen is properly refreshed, and displays the filtered list of events for the selected user.
118 Exception on exporting records with external (google) attached files Fixed an exception on exporting records with external attached files (from Google drive) when the user did not have an external authorization token. Now the correct warning is displayed instead of an exception, and the export is allowed to proceed..
119 Corrected processing outbound emails with $ in the content Fixed undesired edits to outbound emails. The prefix "$formula" is no longer automatically added to text that contains the '$' symbol during email processing and sending.
121 Fixed problem of source table modifications for tables which have 'Link to all fields from other table' field Fixed a problem caused by table modifications in situations where table A has a field of type 'Link to all fields from other table' to table B, and some column is removed from table B and another one is added.

Previously it provoked an exception as well as broken metadata and layout of table A. The data type for 'All fields from other table' is reworked for such cases so that source table modification does not cause any damage to a linked table.
122 Corrected saved search filter for MVE fields containing comma Previously, if any value in a multiple value enabled linked field contained a comma, and a particular record contained more than one value for that field, searches with the "is contained" operator failed.

For example if a team name had a comma in it and a search was based on "Team Name is contained in $my_teams", the appropriate records would not be found.

This problem has been fixed, and now a comparison using "is contained" from multiple value enabled linked fields works properly.
124 Agiloft is now running Java 7 Agiloft has been updated to use Java version 7.
127 iPad support improved Fixed iPad-specific problems in the ADA/Mobile interface.

In some circumstances, the system hung on saving a record and that has been corrected.

Fixed linked field refreshing so that it populates linked field values correctly every time instead of producing an exception..

The Java applet warning is turned off for Mac OS devices. Record edits will no longer be interrupted.
128 Corrected generation date for charts/reports generated from the EUI Fixed the generation date for charts/reports which run in the EUI. Previously, it was the date & time when the report was last run from the Staff interface. Now the generation date/time is correct for all interfaces.

Note that reports can only be run from the end user interface by users with an assigned power license.
129 Default search lookup behavior for multi-value linked field fixed When setting up a linked field, on the Display tab, the admin can select options for whether any search should be run as a string search and/or show content:

Previously these settings were not saved properly for fields of data type "link to single field" with multiple values enabled, when the display type used was "Multiple value box with popup search".

Now the saving of "String" and "Context" selections for the display type of "Multiple value box with popup search" for multi-value linked fields is fixed and the search uses the default options selected:

130 Corrected parsing of inbound email with subject longer than 255 characters Previously, when the subject line of an inbound email was excessively long due to prefixes such as RE:, FW: and multiple ticket ID encrypted codes caused by using Reply All in the Communications table, it sometimes prevented the inbound email from being correctly mapped as an update to the corresponding record in the table.

Now the system truncates any prefixes and suffixes (duplication of the ticket ID string) in the inbound email's subject line during inbound email processing so that it can be correctly processed.
131 Workflow applet works under JRE 7.51 Corrected Workflow functionality so that the Workflow applet works with the new security rules introduced in JRE 7.51. Note that it may still be necessary to set your java security by going to Windows Start -> All Programs -> Configure Java -> Security Tab: Set the level to "Medium". This was the workaround to the previous java upgrade problem, and though we have made fixes for this version, a new version of java may reintroduce this issue.
132 Setting HTML attribute "target" for custom URLs in email content Fixed incorrect hotlink creation for cases where the 'Open link in pop-up window' box was selected during the URL creation.

Previously the system did not insert the attribute “target=_blank” for such links if more than one link was inserted into the email, or if the link was created in the EUI. As a result, clicking on the URL led to opening one or more URLs in the same window, which was undesired. Now the attribute is inserted correctly according to the URL settings.
134 Display of non-allowed URLs in the table view and record view (for email) Corrected the display of URLs that are typed into an email message when security check restrictions are active. Previously the symbols '???' were displayed in a table and record view if 'Security Check' option has been selected and a non-allowed URL was included.

Now these URLs are displayed as stricken-out text for hyperlinks for HTML code, and plain text for plain-text URLs. The Print option now prints these links in the same way.

If a URL is not allowed due to security restrictions, and displayed as stricken-out, it redirects a user who clicks on it to the about:blank page.

Note: To set up such security restrictions or to remove them, go to Setup > Tables > Select the Communications Table > Edit > Fields > Edit the Content field. On the Options tab near the bottom is the option to allow all domains or only specific domains:

These same options can be applied to any text field in any table.